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Lightweight and well made

Haven’t had the opportunity to use yet... but, really looking forward to it! Looks nice, lightweight and sturdy.


I absolutely love the Bento Bag! It works very well for airport travel and for short trips. I pack very light when I travel so I have been living out of this bag for a few weeks now. It is so well designed. Definitely worth the price for a fantastic, very high quality bag.

Awesome bag

Everything on my needs-list was checked with this bag. Quality is great, styling is classy, functionality is 110%. Just took it on a 2 day trip (flying) and it was exactly what I was hoping for.

Great design!

I just received this bag for XMas. Came very quickly. Love the top pockets and the custom baggies for toiletries and misc. Really like the easy access, fold-open concept as well. Everything is very sturdy looking. I can’t wait to use it!

Very Nice Bag

Very well thought out. Great under the seat bag. I like all the pockets. Some of them are a bit small to reach the bottom. Would suggest making pockets slightly larger than what it’s intended for. Passport/iPhone/Money. This isn’t a complaint though. I haven’t had time to use it enough and make an inventory/list of exactly where I want everything. Plus I’m using it as a briefcase when not traveling. Works very well for that as well.

Amazing bag

I actually used it for travel, a year after buying it. And i was amazed to find how well thought thecdesign is. Its the best bag i ever bought for travel. And its not all that heavy! Perhaps i might use it every day & sell my louis vuitton!

Great bag!

Fantastic bag. Cannot wait to use on a spring trip (vaccine distributed widely, hopefully) to Burgundy.

Hoping this will be my new favorite

I love this bag, I almost bought a similar design but I'm glad I spent the money on the quality bag. And it's super professional, so I can use for work and pleasure. My first "grown up" luggage.

Can’t wait to get my vaccine so we can use it!

This bag is simply incredible! As a researcher, I investigated this plus many other personal bags for travel. My wife is the Travel Manager for a huge financial company, and she agrees, this is one of the best bags we have ever seen!

good looking; lots of pockets

very handsome and well thought out. would recommend to others.

Great quality

Just received my bag and cannot wait to use it. Very well made and a perfect size. Thank you so much

Can’t wait to use it !!!

Received the bags a few weeks ago. Ordered two of them.
It looks great and practical.
The quality is great and looks sturdy enough.
When the pandemic is over and we can travel We”ll put it to the test.

Classy bag for men and women

Very well made bag with great storage options and features. Unique and attractive.

Longing to use

It looks great. Class act. If only I could start taking overnight trips for my perfect overnight bag!!

Love it!

Lots of room, well made and really fits under the airline seat!

I really like it

I love how organized it keeps me. My only wish would be that it was a little bit bigger. I wish I had more space in the front pocket (more expandable), and also in the back larger pocket. I miss being able to throw things into my bag like the little snack packs they give you on the plane. With this bag I have make sure everything has its place. But overall, it’s a very well made quality bag. I also like the double zippers everywhere that make it easier to close each section.

Great Bag

I recently used my Bento Bag on flight. It fit well under the seat in front of me in Coach. I particularly liie the quality of the zippers. I would recommend this bag for a carry on bag

Obsessed: Bento Bag v3.0

Wow, the anticipation was drawn out as I had my sister work her magic to get it from the USA to Canada and so I finally got it from her last night! I chose the navy bag with the bronze zippers. Wondering if I should have gone with the silver tone but it does look very elegant, nonetheless!

I have had so much fun going through all the features and compiling all the products that I want to permanently leave in it as my “go bag”. I had hoped to take it to Mexico on a trip this month but I had to cancel due to work commitments.

This will also be wonderful for “stay-cations” and overnights to visit with family and friends. The quality is fantastic and the company has thought of a lot! I know this is an investment piece but I promise you, it’s worth it because it will last longer than the other two or three cheaper ones you would have bought.

Some customers have done YouTube video reviews of this bag which has proven to be super helpful to me and others. I have certainly been talking up this bag to others, before I even received it. Looking forward to my first flight ✈️ with it. Very grateful that it will slip onto my roller board!!!

Heather W.
Toronto, ON

Bento Bag® v 3.0

Great Bag!😊

Excellent size, perfect for personal item like Spirit Airlines. Have many room, pocket and great shape.

Carry on that Works!

The organization in this bag is amazing. I usually struggle to fit my carry on under my seat, but not with this bento bag. It fit perfectly under my seat. Everything packed in easily with room to spare. I was able to secure the bag on my roller bag with no trouble. My search for a practical, cute carry on is over!

Husband loved it!

Bought this for my husband. It's very nice and good quality. I enjoyed seeing the light bulb go off that men can now have the benefit of a purse with all the organizational pockets (women know this works that way too!), as well as a great sized personal item.

Can’t wait to use it!

Very well structured bag. I love all the details and small pockets for the tech pouch and the carry on liquids. It fits so much more than I thought. The design is on point. So glad I treated myself!

Bento Bag v 3.0

Awesome bag!

I use this bad every weekend when traveling. I can fit my laptop, iPad, kindle, charger, and other accessories with no problem. Plus, I can pack 2 days worth of clothes without making the bag looking like it’s stuffed full. I can’t believe how much stuff I can fit in there.

I’ve only have the bag for a few weeks now. So far so good. I’m hoping and assuming the bag will last me a long time to come.

If you’re on the fence about it; buy it.