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Bento Bag

It really holds a lot for a carry on and fits nicely under the seat. I really like the 2 pockets that holds my liquid bag perfectly

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Barbara P. (Westfield, US)
Perfect Personal Bag!

Even though I haven’t used my Bento Bag yet, I have watched many YouTube videos about it and that is the consensus. I have no doubt that my new bag will make my future trips very easy—I will be traveling to Switzerland for ten days and am sure I will have no problem doing only carry-on because of the Bento Bag.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Rick T. (Santa Clarita, US)
Amazing Personal Item Bag!

Anyone looking for a personal item bag, get the Bento bag V3 you won’t regret it! I used it for a weekend trip to Vegas along with a carryon luggage and it was a joy. Fits right under the seat of the airplane without any issues, and packed a good amount of clothes. I highly recommend it!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Anonymous (San Mateo, US)
Great bag and happily surprised!

The material of the bag is good quality. Love all the pockets for organization. The front pocket provides quick access to boarding pass, etc to get through security, and the dual access to the large compartment provides easy access from under the seat in flight. Pleasantly surprised that the bag that arrived had the black nylon zippers for a cleaner look.

The Bento Bag with Nomad Lane is amazing!

What a perfect bag for overnight trips! Well-made and sturdy - with plenty of pockets and room for your laptop and devices. Fits nicely under your seat in an airplane. Love the Bento Bag!
Highly recommend!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Cathy M. (Summerville, US)
Beautiful, well-organized bag

Using the Bento for work now and as a personal carry on for international flights next month!

Travel like a PRO

Nomad Lane a got it days before my trip to Europe. It’s a great bag, lot of space and my staff is well organized. It make my trip easier.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Claudia G. (Budapest, HU)
I love the bag!

I took the Bento bag for a three week trip in Europe by plane and train. The bag sits perfectly on my carry on and fits under the plane seat. The pockets keep everything organized, and it looks so good too! My favorite travel bag.

Excellent bag

I like all the different compartments and the easy to carry handle.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Rafael M. (Vermilion, US)
A good choice.

Enough space, easy to put things in and to access. And it’s light weight.

Great item for helping with travel.

Great size, lots of options for storage, very practical!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
William C. (Lewiston, US)
Great bag

Lots of convenient pockets and love the strap to use when placing on top of wheeled luggage. Great size!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Jill B. (New Orleans, US)
Great Bag

My husband and I used our bags for the first time recently and they are great. These are very well made and as advertised. When they say you can fit a lot in these bags, they’re not joking. We fit everything we needed for 4 days in our bags. We do pack light but usually can’t fit everything we need in one carry on. This time we did thanks to our new Nomad. Lane bags. Oh, and we love the look of the bags and the zippers are quality and look like they’ll last.

4 star over night business bag - but missing 5 stars for one reason

I searched high and low for a overnight travel bag for my husband, who is making frequent trips from Atlanta to New York. He wanted one bag for the quick one night trips that fit his laptop, all his other business essentials such as notebook, mouse, etc…He did a test run with the bag packing everything including one pair of dress shoes….he was able to force them in but has to pair down his toiletry bag a good bit. He wears a size 11 shoe and this bag must have been designed using smaller women’s shoes. If there was just another inch or so all the way around it would be perfect! We decided to keep the bag so he can retire using our 20yr old sons old toddler duffle bag that has a pirate emblem on it :) as this is truly the best option out there for his needs

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Carolyn W. (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Blessed to Travel

As a result of watching reviews on YouTube, I bought the Bento Bag Personal Item Bag. I used to travel with a duffel bag, but I decided to acquire a good roll carryon baggage set plus a personal bag since I was traveling on more business trips. This allowed me to avoid checking my bags. I adore the purse and can't wait to use it the following week.

Love this bag!!!

I bought this bag for an upcoming overseas trip, but have been using it for a few work trips in the meantime. So compact, can carry 2 outfits, toiletries, computer, iPad, electronics and more.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Christopher M. (Calgary, CA)
Perfect for short trips

Just used for the first time on a 2-night trip. Bag is very high quality, super functional, and the colour is really nice. Wasn't able to check if it fits under the seat, but I'd be very surprised if it didn't.

Change the way you travel!

It’s just amazing!. I really don’t need my 20” if I have got for a week. So durable, stylish and worth for the price.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Marilyn F. (Hermitage, US)
Nice bag for traveling

I haven’t been able to use this bag yet, but the materials and construction are top quality. The sleeve to go over a suitcase handle is wide enough to fit any handle. ( one of the reasons I purchased this. My previous bag wouldn’t fit)

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Patricia W. (Miami, US)

I am very impressed with this bag it holds a lot. I am going to Europe this fall and I plan on taking two carry-on, this being one. I can get everything in that I need in two carry on bags. I am taking the bag also to Savanna for the week-end, just to check it out.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Jennifer F. (Henrico, US)
Beautiful, functional bag

I bought this bag after lots of online research (thanks YouTube!). I plan on using it on an upcoming international trip (and hopefully many more trips to come). Although it's pricey, my hope is that I'm able to use this bag for a long time. I love that I can slip it onto rolling luggage with the trolley sleeve, or use as a weekender/commuter bag for short trips. I appreciate the look and feel of the bag and the thoughtful design and organization of the interior. I love that it opens all the way flat and also that it can stand up on its own. Overall, this feels like a high quality, versatile piece and I'm really excited to use it.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Fellow T. (St Louis, US)
It's Perfect

I love my bento bag! It's very well made with durable high-quality materials and reliable ZZ zippers. It's design is thoroughly thought out. I can't even think about a single thing that I don't like about it, want to change, add on, or take out. Highly recommend.
PS I also love how the company treats those who work for them. Way to go, Nomad Lane!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Emily K. (Oakville, CA)

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Harriet P. (New York, US)
Simply great!

Just the right size for me. Holds everything then some. I just love it.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Christie W. (Lewisville, US)
To Infinite and Beyond!

Wow! Finally found the perfect bag! I have looked for over 12 months for a replacement for a similar style bag. Tumi and others didn’t compare with the pockets, style, and practicality. Thank you for making exactly what I was looking for!