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Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Natalie M. (Sacramento, US)
Lives Up To The Hype

After much research and Youtube videos, I took the plunge and purchased the Bento bag 3.0!!!!!! The bag is classic but stylish, compact but roomy!!!! This is good money spent!!!!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Sadia Z. (San Francisco, US)
Efficient and sleek

I had originally purchased this as a gift but liked it so much I kept it! It has a lot of room to pack a pair of shoes, my toiletries and several clothes. I like how it zips up easily and all the built in “compartments.” Easy strap to carry on your shoulder with comfort!

The perfect travel companion

I bought one of these bento bags for my fiancé a year ago and have been jealous ever since. I finally bought one for me and I love it!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Noelle B. (Appomattox, US)
Exactly what I was looking for.

I'm looking forward to taking this on the road.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Anne T. (The Bronx, US)

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Richard V. (Needham Heights, US)
Exceptional bag!

The build quality and features of my Bento bag are exceptional. I've yet to travel with it, but this is one of those bags where you can tell that NL ain't messing around.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Hannah B. (Portland, US)
Best carry on bag!

I have been looking for a suitcase style carry-on bag which I may carry over a rolling suitcase trolley handle. This is it! It opens up like a suitcase and has so many compartments that are organized but not too many pockets if you know what I mean. It is made with high-quality it will last through years of travel. So glad I bought it!

Best Thing Ever!

I am a flight attendant. I have had many, many bags in my 44 year career and this bag by far is the best travel bag I have had. I bought my first one on Indiegogo and when I saw that Nomad Lane corrected the issues I had on that first bag (zipper issues) I bought another one. I love that you can be organized with this bag because of all of the zippered compartments. It also surprisingly holds so much stuff that a flight attendants needs to have handy when you fly for work. Great bag for anyone who travels!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Fiona M. (Melbourne, AU)
Clever spatially

Happy with the simplicity and utility of this bag (where I was born we would call it a port; short for portmanteau - just saying)

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Lynn W. (Little Rock, US)

Very good quality

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Andrew B. (Toronto, CA)
Significantly improved

I was a backer on Indiegogo for the original Bento bag. Loved the design, but there were some flaws in the craftmanship — mostly the zippers and also the feet on the bottom of the bag. Nomad has improved on this with the most recent version, and even gave me a great discount to upgrade my bag. Looking forward to travelling again!


This bag has everything covered. I am currently in the process of packing it for my trip and it has not disappointed. I love the fact that it is so well organized.


This Bento Bag v3.0 (Sport) is my #2 from Nomad Lane because my wife stole my #1 after using it for her last trip PAR>MIA. My small revenge is that 3.0 indeed is much better than the first iteration! New brass zippers are easier to engage and have stronger pulls, the size increase in the 2 small top pockets make a full quart TSA bag easy to access, and adds more space for cables/chargers plus a few protein bars for travel delays. Yet, overall 3.0 still easily packs an overnight trip or “airline lost my luggage” back-up kit, plus all my work & travel necessities. The new longer, better padded strap works better for all body types, and is far more comfortable on the shoulder. My only disappointment/upgradable issue as a 2 million mile traveler is that there should be a small expansible zipper pocket for a water bottle/sunglass case/travel umbrella where the flimsy tab and IMO useless hanging loop is located. The idea of anything swinging around kills the clean look, and would cause problems in airport shops, tight plane aisles, etc. Regardless, this bag is still THE the perfect roll-aboard topper, and gives me excellent access to everything on the roll, in the back seat of my Uber, in the lounge, and at my seat on the TGV or plane. Thank you (again) Nomad Lane!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Baileigh T. (Rockville, US)

I LOVE the bento bag! This is my second one (I just needed to have it in the green color!) and it’s just as wonderful as the first. If you’re thinking about buying it, stop thinking — just do it! You’ll love it too!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Melissa D. (Chicago, US)
Best carry-on, hands down!

This is by far the best personal item/carry-on bag I have ever owned. The trolley sleeve makes it perfect for flying without checked bags, going through security is a breeze and I love all the organization it supplies.
Thank you Nomad Lane!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
O.S. (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Great bag

Great bag, I love all of the different pockets and how everything can stay organized. Will continue to purchase from them!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Debi M. (Falls Church, US)
A place for everything

Being anal, there is nothing more satisfying to mr than something that organizes all my travel needs. The Bento Bag has all the little things you need to make your personal carry on just perfect. Papers, outfits and toiletries as well as tablet, laptop and phone perfectly placed for east access. Money well spent.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Ginny W. (New York, US)
Fantastic personal bag!

I am an American living in Europe and travel quite frequently by train and plane. I typically carry a backpack but I also have a purse or smaller backpack to carry. This made things quite awkward and uncomfortable getting on/off trains, etc. I watched several reviews on YouTube about the Bento bag and even though it is pricey, I decided to give it a go. I used it for the first time this past weekend in trains from Germany to London and I LOVE IT! It holds everything in a very organized way. It was great to be able to slip it on to the handle of my suitcase or to slide it under my seat. This is my new favorite bag and I couldn’t be happier!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Heather W.-.S.W. (Edmonds, US)
Best Carry on EVER!!!

After watching an influencer demo this bag, I was in love! I ordered the Navy with silver zippers. Once I received it I went to town exploring all the wonderful features it offers. I feel like a kid in a candy store as this bag offers me everything I could hope for since I am an organizer freak. This will be the last travel bag that I will ever have to buy. I cannot wait for my trip to Costa Rica to test it out and all my futures trips to be had! I highly recommend if you like organization and functionality.

Best travel bag ever!

This bag is excellent for work and travel! It fits perfectly under the airline seat and has plenty of room for my laptop, iPad, extra keyboard and more. I’m able to carry my overnight essentials as well. It pairs perfect with my carry on luggage. This is the second Bento Bag I’ve had and will forever be a long term customer.

Smartly designed & excellent quality

I am quite impressed with the design and quality of the bento bag. I decided to order it after two back-to-back trips reminded me of how inadequate my backpack was. I haven't put it to the test just yet but am very much looking forward to it. I only wish I purchased the bento bag sooner!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Patricia C. (Diamond Bar, US)
What a great bag!

This is the first carry on that organizes all the necessary items I need to bring and be able to access without having to dig into a bag abyss. I am extremely pleased at discovering the Bento Bag. I am a diabetic and I need immediate access to medication and testing materials and the Bento Bag delivers accessibility. Kudos Nomad Lane to a well constructed bag.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Malorie N. (Augusta, US)
Great bag

Well constructed and thought out. Nice color. Light.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Matthew D. (Marysville, US)
Upgraded to v3!

The bag not tilting forward is worth it. I also love the black zippers on the sport. Love the bag!

Love this bag

This is a great bag to avoid having to lift a heavy carry-on overhead, or getting stuck gate-checking. Love keeping all the things I might need (wallet, boarding passes, etc) accessible with the outside organizer pocket.