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Best Bag Ever

Put the Bento Bag through its paces on a trip from NYC to Quebec (by way of Toronto). Exactly as described, it made repeated security, immigration and customs checks more manageable than I thought possible. And yes, even in the small 3-seats across planes, it fits totally under the seat. It looks great, is stable on the suitcase trolley handles and holds a truly amazing amount of stuff. Buy it!!

High Quality Bag!

Took it on my first domestic trip and loving it so far.

Perks trip

Thank you so much Nomad team for the wonderful job on my personal item bag. I traveled solo to Paris with my Bento bag and a carry on for eight day trip. Loved it, a little scary but getting on plane, off plane, etc., metro train in Paris with my Bento, walking streets because of course, I made a right on wrong street. Love my personal luggage, thank you so much

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
JANET N. (Mesquite, US)
My Favorite Travel Bag

This Bento bag is my new travel companion. A roller case and my Bento bag made traveling a breeze. My laptop, cords, cosmetics, small crossbody purse, snacks, water and anything I needed on the plane fit inside with room to spare. Anything that needs to be reached in a hurry went into the Bento bag. My husband liked mine so much he ordered one for himself.

Sturdy travel bag

Beyond expectations in a personal carryon travel bag. I would highly recommend this bag.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Karen M. (Jefferson City, US)
fits needed items

As an amateur photographer I wanted a bag that could fit my travel tripod and camera gear if I had to gate check the backpack that I carry on hiking/photography trips. This way at the last minute I could switch out my camera gear for my clothes and other things that normally go in a carry on. It fits great. Hopefully I won't ever have to do this since my camera backpack meets carry on size but is nice to know that I can. I haven't used the bag yet but I have trial packed it. I really like the place for the cords and chargers, computer and tablet sleeves and liquid items.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Marissa H. (Benito Juarez, MX)

I was able to fit my laptop, tablet, two pare of shoes and four outfits for my 5 day stay in Cancun. I did bring a carry on for everything else.

Glad I Found This

So happy to have found a travel companion full of helpful features and compartments! Gone are the days of rifling through a big bag to find something or other in a cramped airplane seat. I'll "christen" my new Bento Bag on an upcoming trip to Iceland--can't wait!

This Bento Bag is Great!

My new Bento Bag from Nomad Lane is perfect for organizing all my personal items and it fits easily under the seat on the plane. The best thing is that it opens like a suitcase for ease of packing. Love it!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Angela M. (McKinney, US)
Perfectly Designed

This bag holds more then it looks! I packed it to the brim and it still fit under my seat. LOVE the feature that it opens and packs like a suitcase. Makes packing and retrieving items simple and easy. My only complaint is the front compartment- when the bag is full it takes space from the front pocket so I couldn't utilize all the pockets which was a bummer. Otherwise well designed and well thought out.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Charlene J. (Hampstead, US)
Bento Bag

I love my Bento bag! It’s a great weekend bag that keeps me organized on the go!

super organization

Perfect size bag and it really is super organized. Now I can find my things without pulling everything out of my backpack. love it!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Timothy F. (Charlestown, US)

Great bag

Ideal size to fit under the seat in front of you. Thoughtfully constructed organization of compartments, and appears to be quite durable.

Origami Tote Bag
Maureen R. (Huntington Beach, US)
Where has this bag been all my life?

I have used this bag on two trips thus far. I love it so much that my husband is tired of hearing about it. It fits everything I can possibly need. The water bottle pocket is genius. When my hands were full, I turned it into a backpack in the airport, and it was awesome. The pockets on the inside are fantastic for organization. The hidden pockets on the outside are excellent for things you need at a moment's notice when traveling. I seriously can't find a downside. Really well done!

Great looking bag!

I saw a lot of YouTube videos on this bag. There are a lot of great features that will help with organizing.The bag is very well made and I’m excited to use it. I can’t wait for my trip!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Jacel R. (Chula Vista, US)
Haven’t used it yet, but looks promising!

Had a chance to look in person and it looks like it has a lot of space and useful compartments. I can’t wait to use it on my trip!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Daniel W. (Cambridge, CA)

Love the Bento bag!

The Best Bag

I watched a demo on UTube and felt that I needed one of these magical bags. I’m travelling to Italy in May and will be giving a true run with this bag. So far I’m totally impressed with the thoughtful design and quality workmanship.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Paula P. (Pittsburgh, US)
Most impressed

I am traveling to Italy for a month and I have been limiting my luggage to carry on. I have been searching for the best personal, under seat bag. I am delighted with the Bento bag. It has been well thought out with excellent construction. Glad I found this bag!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Alannette R. (Batesville, US)
Perfect bag!

I can get so much in this small bag! My iPad is well protected and easy to reach pockets to put my ticket in. It is also a nice looking bag that will last a long time. You won’t be disappointed if you buy it.

Perfect with Away

This was a splurge purchase but I’m ready to look like a seasoned traveler. Navy blue Bento looks fabulous with my navy Away carry on

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Rosalyn O. (Atlanta, US)
It fits under the seat

My main reason for purchasing this bag was the advertisement for “best under seat bag”. And even when I stuffed this bag to the brim it still was able to go underneath my seat (an economy delta seat). I used this bag as my carry on

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Adriene L. (Torrance, US)
Best Carry On

Very impressed with the bag. I can't wait to travel.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Lil K. (Woodbridge, US)
Lovely Bag

I returned a bagI had pruchased from another company . The Bento bag is everything I expect from an expensive travel bag. It is well made, the zipper are like butter and it has all the compartments to keep me well organized. I also love the rich green color. Wish they had a matching suitcase. I love this company and would buy from them again.