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Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Cheryl A. (Blountville, US)

What an awesome purchase this is! I love the compartments and the practicality of this bag! Currently on a weekend trip and love i can quickly get to things I need! Great bag!!!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Meredith C. (Alexandria, US)
The perfect bag!

I'm starting to travel more for work, and this bag holds all my carry-on necessities!

Perfect bag for my quick Miami Trip.

I didn't have to store anything in the upper compartment, this bag just packed perfectly under my seat. I love it!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Rick M. (Stonington, US)
Bento Bag v3.0

Great bag, just love it! It’s the only bag I need for a long weekend trip. Fits perfectly under seat. Make it your next purchase and you won’t be disappointed,

Perfect for the frequent flyer

Over the past month, I have tried Béis, Always and Nomad on different trips. For business travelers, this is THE BAG that you can keep packed at all times because everything has a place. It gets a small ding for not having an umbrella holder like the Always Everything but the organization is AAA+++. I love that I can easily pack for a cross country flight with room for a dress, makeup, curling iron and small toiletries as well as my tech kit, phones, computer and tablet and nothing else. This is fantastic.

Cant wait to hit the jet bridge with my bento.

Amazing bag so practical excellent quality and design. Showed it to a few friends and family they loved it and were asking to let them borrow it .

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Patrick M. (Woodbridge, CA)
Bento Bag is amazing!

Received my order and impressed is an understatement! Quality, presentation, and storage space is absolutely perfect. There really isn’t a better bag than this one!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Susan p. (Wheeling, US)
Bento bag 3.0

Good day !!
I have reviewed so many bags but the bento bag was the one I was so excited about.
I’m traveling abroad in a few months and this bag is exactly what I am looking for.
I’ll admit it I’m an over packer !! Lol and so disorganized !! Lol ,, but when I researched this bag ,, I not only could use it for a personal bag with so many fun compartments I could hardly wait to try to finally get myself organized ! Lol
The bag is so unique,, a compartment for my iPad,, the 2 compartments for the connectors and power packs and even a little bag I can put some makeup up in to use quickly to freshen up ,, atleast that’s what I plan to use it for ,, then also they included bags for shoes and a laundry bag ,, can u tell I’m excited about it ?? Lol
Well anyway I love it and can’t wait to travel with it as my number 1 personal bag

Thank you sorry for rambling !! Lol

Great bag!

I haven't traveled with the bag yet but, I will be in a couple of weeks. Having said that, I played around with the bag a bit and it seems perfect. Lots of space for everything! Love how organized it is!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
TK (Atlantic Beach, US)
WOW. Nomad has thought of everything!

I rarely leave reviews, the perfection of this has prompted me to. It is is extremely intuitive, intelligent and versatile. It is clear that the designers have thought of every single scenario the user may be in and have crafted a bag that will deliver on that with ease and delight! It packs much more than it looks. The detailed design that fits every need you can think of while you’re traveling for a weekend trip, on a flight for vacation or from flight to office … this bag is the best bag in the market. And it’s extremely high quality and looks so sharp. Get it, you will not regret it.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Deborah E. (Belmar, US)
A perfect solution

I've always been a one-bag business traveler. Though COVID has temporarily paralyzed the trajectory of my career, the Bento Bag sits in wait. The functionality of this bag will serve me's both compact yet well thought out. I look forward to grabbing this gem for my next trip.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
stephanie b. (Barrie, CA)

Where has this bag been all my life? I travel regularly and love that I can open this up and know exactly where all my items are. Design is exceptional

Bento Bag

This bag is incredible and so beautiful! Haven't been able to travel with it, but can't wait to use it! It looks and feels very sturdy!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Anonymous (Alajuela, CR)
Bento Bag Review

Nice feeling and quality, service was faster than expected, very nice colors, cant wait to use it.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Brian P. (Fort Mill, US)
Top notch

Commercial pilot. It’s perfect for all my stuff ,well laid out and organized.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Suzanne S. (Seattle, US)
Love this bag!

Love this bag!

So practical

I‘ve seen the Bento bag on numerous YouTube videos already as I’m an avid traveller (mostly leisure nowadays) and I found it impossible to resist. Even though there is no travel plans in sight right now - due to Covid and other reasons, but I just knew that I will love to own this bag for my next trips.
I always, always have the problem that a lot of bags don’t have a design that seems to be practical for travelling. Either they are a really heavy, or they have just one large compartment and I‘d spend a lot of time searching for my items in it.
Or, they would have several smaller compartments but you couldn’t access them easily.
With this one, i won’t even have to bring an additional large purse on the plane. I did even buy a j-hook as recommended by several flight attendants in order to attach it to a trolley.
I ordered the Bento Bag internationally to Europe, by the way. Shipment was quick and easy (I used one of the shipping services that give you a US-address. Once it arrived there, I could fill in the customs declaration, chose a shipping carrier and it arrived soon after! Not very cheap, with custom fees and shipping, but hey. I needed it 👍

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Amber K. (Papillion, US)
Love this bag

It very lovely bag and I very much in enjoy using it

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
David L. (Nashville, US)
Carry on travel bag

Although I haven't had an opportunity to use my new Bento Bag for travel yet, I really like the way it opens and the ability to organize items I think I might need to get to easily. I'm looking forward to using this on our first trip since the Covid pandemic later this year.

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Marsha T. (El Cerrito, US)
Great little carry on

After looking at reviews of this little bag I decided to give it a try. I love the fact that it opens out flat giving me easier access. The Bento along with my day pack was plenty large enough for a three day weekend in Napa. Can't wait to try it on my upcoming flight to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Great bag

Every organizer’s dream bag!

I cannot say anything bad about this bag.. not a thing. I love everything about this. The clean lines on the black on black sport, the compartments to hold my phone, iPad, MacBook, pen, chargers and I can easily access everything. I also love that it can hold clothes on the side for when I over pack on my regular roller carry on. All this and it fits under the seat! I have dreamt of a bag design like this and I found it! Oh and let’s not forget the trolley opening on the bag!

Bento Bag® v 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Olivia R. (Hilton Head Island, US)
Great bag

I bought this bag for my husband, and he was thrilled. The bag is a perfect size for a personal item, it has plenty of room for his laptop, a change of clothes, all the things he carries on the plane, and still has room. It looks very smart, is lightweight, and perfect for overnights or weekends, as well.

Love this bag!

I've been searching for just the right bag to hold some work things, some play things, and I finally found it with this bag! It holds so much, and everything is kept so organized and easy to reach. And it looks good too! I want to travel more just to use this bag!

loved my new bag! fit perfectly under the seat on my last flight