Nomad Lane Our Story

Our story begins with a shared passion for adventure,
an obsession with design and a desire to take the road less traveled.


We believe that traveling makes us better people. We value adventure over certainty and taking risks over going down a well-worn road. We don’'t just want to see the world, crossing landmarks off a bucket-list, but actually experience it, in all its unfiltered glory.

We choose to leave our comfort zones because every trip brings us closer to understanding the world and the people who live in it a little more. We travel the miles because our souls seek to make connections across cultures, and in doing so we recognize a little bit of ourselves in them. At the end of the day, we know that every step has the power to change our perspective.

Nomad Lane was founded with a bold spirit and a lofty goal:
to craft well-designed travel accessories so you can look forward to the journey ahead.


Your next adventure is just around the corner and you need to be ready at a moment’s notice. And just as importantly, you like getting to places in style, without breaking the bank. We don’'t believe in compromising– at least when it comes to function and form. Thoughtful design is at the heart of everything we create because we know that you’ have got places to see and things to do.

We sweat the small stuff so you can enjoy the adventure.

Nomad Lane Luggage

We know that every journey is important, whether it's a commute to work or a trek to the top. We strive to craft products that make the journey smoother so getting there is just as much fun as the destination.


Every Nomad Lane product is designed by a team of adventurers in the heart of New York City. Each design is thoughtfully developed with the needs and wants of nomads who are consistently on-the-go. The products are road-tested by seasoned travelers to ensure that they can hold up to anything.

crafted in an ethical fashion

Each item is handmade at carefully selected family-run factories around the world. We spend months finding the right partners and we visit them often, building strong personal relationships with the owners.


Giving back to the global community is part of Nomad Lane’s DNA. Social responsibility has been implicit to Nomad Lane’s business model from the start. We are in the process of finalizing our giving partner for the calendar year and would love input from our community. Please email us if you know a charity that would be a good fit for our organization.

"For us, Nomad Lane is more than a company or a brand. It’s a passion project born out of our deepest desires. "
- Kish & Vanessa

Nomad Lane Founders


Kish & Vanessa’'s mutual love of adventure sparked their relationship. Together, they have lived in several continents and visited 42 countries and counting. They’ have explored the globe with the world’'s best travel brands. And when the best wasn’'t good enough, they made something that was. Nomad Lane was founded so you can travel in attainable style.

With a talented crew of designers and dreamers, they have spent the last year traveling, listening and developing accessories for the modern adventurer.


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