Research & Development

We spend many months (sometimes years!) researching and designing our products. We carefully analyze the needs and wants of our customer vs. other products on the market. Once we have a list of product functionalities desired, we work with professional industrial designers to nail down the style, materials and tech specs for our bags.


We continuously look at ways to improve the quality of our materials. We purposely select fabrics and trims that are lightweight yet sturdy. Most importantly, we test the durability of each material we choose to go into our products.

Zippers are tested to make sure they can withstand all the trips you're going to take!

The strength of the fabric stitches are tested to ensure the correct thread thickness is used for the handles.

Bag Craftsmanship

In 2019, we moved our production base to Vietnam. We spent months interviewing factories all over the world to find the best manufacturing partner. We selected our current factory based on their expertise in developing highly technical bags along with their tenure in the industry. Our factory works with some of the largest brands in the world and they have been in the business since the 1970’s.

Ethical Manufacturing

As part of our selection process, we ensure that the partners we choose abide by strong ethical practices as it relates to their workforce. We specifically look for family-run factories that focus on higher-end skilled labor because we consider them our trusted manufacturing partners.

  • Our manufacturing partners abide by set production hours to ensure employee safety and security.

We visit our partners often and take the time to build strong personal relationships with the owners. We go out to dinner together, make jokes and talk about the ways we can grow together.

Quality Control

We also employ a well-known quality control and supply chain firm. They have partnered with some of the largest crowd-funding companies to help bring their projects to life and have a special expertise with developing highly technical bags and accessories. They oversee our factory and conduct various quality control checks (as the bags are being crafted, once the bag is completed and again prior to shipping). Our partner at this firm has been working in this industry at some of the largest luggage companies for the last 15 years.

A quality control inspector checks the product as it's being made on the production line

  • Our bag drop test runs 500 times with 26 pounds of weight inside the bag!