What to Pack for a Business Trip in Your Carry On Luggage

What to Pack for a Business Trip in Your Carry On Luggage

Have business travel plans coming up? It’s time to leave the Hawaiian shirt at home and swap for something a little more sensible and wrinkle-proof. If you’re not sure of what to pack for a business trip in your carry on luggage, read on - we’ve got you covered. 


Packing Essentials for a Business Trip

Business Trip Carry On What to Pack


Make sure to prep any media you’d like to have before getting to the airport. This includes podcasts, books, newspapers, audiobooks, playlists, films, or that documentary you’ve been yearning to watch. 


Noise-cancelling Headphones

Whether you’re using your headphones to listen to music, podcasts or simply to tune out the snores and grumbles of the passengers around you, this may be the most vital accessory to pack in your carry on bag.


What to pack for a business trip

Neck Pillow

Slide your headphones on, slip into your neck pillow and close your eyes as you prepare for take off. Wake up well-rested and ready to hit you first business meeting.


Compression Socks

You’ve landed, grabbed your gear and now it’s time to put your business shoes on. Only problem? They don’t fit like they used to! Next time, throw a pair of decompression socks into your carry on travel bag and slip those beauties on to avoid the post-flight swell. 


Best packing tips for carryon business trip

Laptop or Tablet

Of course, don’t forget your most important business tool: your laptop! Make sure it is easily accessible to help you breeze through the airport (link to tips article). Double check any restrictions from your airport carrier in terms of laptop models or batteries.


Battery Packs

Don’t be caught without fuel for your electronics! Many aircrafts these days have USB ports at every seat so you can stay charged; but better to be safe than sorry. Again, check any packing restrictions with your airline regarding battery packs.

 Business travel what to bring

External Hard Drives

Seasoned business travelers know to pack everything up -- twice. Once on a hard drive, and once on your favorite cloud service. This is also a good place to keep your stored media if your main source runs out of memory.


Stain Stick

Forget just traveling, business travelers should never leave home without a stain stick! This can be your saving grace for that accidental coffee stain from the passenger sitting next to you.


Business Cards

From the security line to the airport lounge, you never know where or when you’ll meet your next business connection! Have your professional contact info and your business cards ready to go.


Business trip packing tips

A Change of Clothing

Food accidents happen, flights get delayed, and sometimes life just throws you a curveball. If your stain stick didn’t do the trick, don’t stress - you’ve got that back-up outfit packed and ready to go. It’s also recommended to pack not only a backup professional outfit, but comfortable clothing as well, for when life really tests you.  


The Perfect Business Travel Carry On Bag

You’ve got your carry on gear ready to go, now your business travel bag is just the icing on the cake. Pick the perfect travel bag based on your travel needs, and make sure it’s board room ready so you can pick it up and go go go!

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