Carry On Luggage Guide: How To Pick the Right Cabin Bag

Carry On Luggage Guide: How To Pick the Right Cabin Bag

Picking the right carry on luggage is like picking the right partner. It’s your literal travel companion, so make sure to give choosing the right cabin luggage the attention it deserves. You want your carry on luggage to fit all the essentials, help offset some of the stress in life, all while making a statement. So how do you choose the right carry on luggage for your specific travel personality? Read this carry on luggage guide before making your choice.

Carry On Luggage: Picking the Right Material

Aluminum, nylon, leather, polycarbonate - these are just some of the materials used for carry on luggage. But how do you know which is right for you? 

Take into consideration what type of traveler you are, and what type of terrain or environment you’ll be frequenting. Do you need a bag that is lightweight and flexible, or are you looking for a solution that’ll protect your things during extreme climates and conditions? 

Lightweight materials such as cotton, nylon, or leather will take up less of your allocated weight, and offer more variety in terms of aesthetics. Above all, make sure your bag is using materials that are sourced ethically and built to last.


Carry on Luggage: wheels or no wheels?

The name of the game when packing for airport travel is always weight. Rolled suitcases offer the advantage of giving your back and shoulders a break, while also making it easy to maneuver through the airport. The biggest downside of a rolled suitcase is the added weight of the wheels.

Regardless of if you choose wheeled or non-wheeled carry on, make sure your personal item fits seamlessly with your larger carry on item. 

Bento Bag fits on roller carry on


What Size Should my Carry On Luggage Be?

Carry on bag sizes vary by airline, as well as whether your flight is domestic or international. Standard carry on size is 56cm X 36cm X 23cm. However, check with your specific carrier as to what your carry on luggage size and weight restrictions are. 

Most airlines will allow you to bring one carry on item and one personal item; your personal item should fit neatly under the seat in front of you.

Bento Bag fits under airline seats

Carry On Luggage: What to Pack

  • Important documents (passport, boarding pass, itineraries)
  • Entertainment (books, headphones, iPads)
  • Laptop (make sure it is easily accessible)
  • Refillable/ collapsible water bottle
  • Phone charger and cables
  • Portable battery (FAA states that this should be removable and in your carry-on)
  • Change of clothing (one casual, one formal if appropriate)
  • Toiletries, face wipes
  • Snacks
  • Light jacket (doubles as a pillow when not using it)
  • Medication (bring a copy of your prescription)

What fits inside a Bento Bag

What to Look for When your Carry on Luggage

Use this checklist before investing in your new travel companion. 

  • Quality of Material
    • Durability
    • Weather-proof
    • Ethically sourced?
  • Fixins - we want all of them!
    • Laptop sleeves
    • Pockets for your valuables
    • Adjustable straps
    • Accessible charging port
  • Design
  • Size
    • Does it meet your airlines standards for a carry on bag?
    • If using it as a personal item, will it fit under the seat?


Now you’re ready to pick your perfect carry on bag! Where will your travel companion take you next?


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