Voyager Series: Sarah Otey, Fitness Influencer & Personal Trainer

Voyager Series: Sarah Otey, Fitness Influencer & Personal Trainer

Meet Sarah Otey, a certified personal trainer and fitness model/influencer that’s taking over your Instagram feed with mesmerizing yoga acrobatics. She’s an instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp, a trendy high-intensity workout that’s bound to get you into shape for the new year! We know that keeping up with your health goals on the road can be tough, so read on to find out how Sarah manages to integrate fitness even as she's constantly on-the-go. 

Describe your earliest travel memory.

When I was 4, my parents took us on a train to Disney world. It stuck out in my head because my dad is a civil engineer for the railroad so I remember going on a train for the first time and thinking that my dad could build it. That’s probably the longest distance I’ve ever travelled by train in my entire life, from Virginia to Florida.

Sarah Otey Nomad Lane

What or who inspired you to travel? 

I moved around a lot as a kid, so it wasn’t until I was established in my career did I begin wanting to travel to reset myself and feel re-inspired. However as a student/dancer in New York I saw my friends book jobs and travel the world as dancers and models and I always thought it would be an amazing life to travel for work to beautiful locations.

Tell us about your travel essentials.

I always wear a lot of layers. As a trainer and fitness model, I keep all the essentials in my bag/backpack on a DAILY basis anyways - dry shampoo, makeup wipes, a tooth brush, my phone and charger of course, I never know when I'm going to have to run to an audition after I teach class. Some days I teach a few classes Barry's Bootcamp, train a private client at Soho Strength Lab, and either shoot yoga content for NeoU or run to a casting or audition, so I always have things to freshen up with. I am in love with Nomad Lane's Bento Bag which comes with makeup pouches and shoe bags. There are so many pockets and hidden compartments to keep everything organized.

What’s your packing style/strategy?

Less is more. I pick shoes out that I want to bring and base my outfits around that.

Packing Bento Bag

How do you handle a long flight (watch movies, work, sleep etc. or any tips to get comfortable)?

Workout before the flight! And plan a meal before or at the airport. It will calm your nervous system so you can relax. A glass of wine is always helpful :)

How do you conquer jetlag?

Sleep. Your body does things in sleep it can’t do any other time in the day. And I hate to say it again but workout! Yoga or a light recovery workout will get your system moving and reground you. Working out or sleeping can pretty much fix everything.

Tell us your best travel story.

Best travel story is Colombia! Definitely the most adventurous trip I've ever been on. We drove mopeds out to a resort by the Amazon rainforest. It was an amazing trip at a different location every night. We brought large suitcases to Cartegena and Santa Marta but then ditched them for smaller bags to ride up the coast. We stayed on the beach and also up in the mountains. I got to tube down the Amazon and see the sunset over where the river meets the ocean. It was probably quite dangerous at times which I guess is why it makes the best story. On the way back, my travel partner crashed his moped. Thankfully, he only had a few very deep cuts and was able to ride back to the city. It was one of the biggest adventures I’ve ever been on.

What has been your favorite place to visit so far

Saint Barth’s is my favorite. It's just unforgettable.

Sarah Otey Nomad Lane


One thing you can’t live without on a flight

At least 3 layers of clothing!  

Do you head to the airport with plenty of time to spare or just in the nick of time?

Just in the nick of time!

Check in or carry on?

Carry on.

Airplane food or eat ahead of time/bring your own meal?

Eat ahead of time.

Aisle or window?


One thing on your travel bucketlist

Thailand. But I’m scared of Bali belly after a friend came back with it!

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