Voyager Series: Marilyn Hucek, Fashion Blogger & Buyer

Voyager Series: Marilyn Hucek, Fashion Blogger & Buyer

Meet Marilyn Hucek, a double threat in the fashion business. She’s a buyer for Ralph Lauren and she runs a fashion and lifestyle blog called The Lunar Phase. She’s been traveling extensively since she was a child, studied abroad in Spain and continues to explore new places frequently. We love following her to witness her versatile style, especially as it matches the mood of the city she’s in. Find out about how she packs all her fashionable outfits for her trips right here!

Describe your earliest travel memory.

I remember once when I was very young taking a flight to Chicago with my two siblings to see our relatives alone, without our parents. The flight attendants were notified and had to keep a special eye on us. They were super friendly and let us pass out the peanuts on the plane! That was when I visited my Dad’s side of the family. When I visited my Mom’s side of the family in Chile. As a child I remember travelling to Chile for Christmas. It’s summer time then and everyone’s at the beach. We would make sand castles, take hikes through the Andes Mountains, have picnics, see family and friends. My mom let us skip school for a month, because we were immersing ourselves in our Hispanic culture and roots. Our schools let it slide.

Marilyn Hucek Nomad Lane

What or who inspired you to travel? 

My mom has inspired me to travel. She always said that we had an economical house so that we could all travel more. I think especially because growing up my family wasn’t close to us, we always had to travel long distances to see them. I have multi-cultural roots and that gives me the urge to explore and widen my horizons. My mom has always made it a point to travel to see her family every year, and I think it’s an important tradition that has affected me.

Tell us about your travel essentials.

A neck pillow is a must have travel essential for comfort on the place, but I also like to bring a face mask, cozy fluffy socks, and travel accessories like Nomad Lane’s tech and accessory organizer to keep all my things in check. It’s the worst losing your tiny rings and tangling up your long necklaces. Nomad Lane’s products just make life easier. I also bring with me traveling toiletries kit. I use the Amika Travel size kit that comes with shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, heat protector, dry conditioner etc. It the best quality products, and it’s easy to bring so you don’t have to sacrifice your hair care when you travel.

What’s your packing style/strategy?

I used to write down everything I was bringing, because I’m a notorious over packer but that takes so much time I give up half way. I always like to start with my lingerie, and socks because that’s the easiest. I like to bring items I can re-use and mix and match for multiple outfits. I never forget to pack a swimsuit because you just never know when you’ll need it.

Marilyn Huceck Mallorca

Do you prefer to work on flights or disconnect (watch movies, read etc.)?

I’m one of the lucky ones that can fall asleep in moving vehicles. I remember we use to take long road trips in a car to Illinois, which is around a 16hr car ride. I would sleep in the back seat the whole way. Car’s just put me right to bed! I get excited to travel by plane, because I get to catch up on all the movies I haven’t seen. I like to see all the Oscar winning movies! It’s the one place I can sit around and enjoy myself without feeling bad about not doing work. I would read but I get dizzy, so movies it is!

How do you conquer jetlag?

I don’t want to jinx myself but I don’t get jetlag. I get so excited when I get to a new place that I’m filled with energy, I’m like an energizer bunny. I also don’t like to take naps, it makes me feel very unproductive and groggy when I wake up. I’m also used to pushing myself when I’m tired. I guess as an entrepreneur it’s natural to feel tired, so nothing new there. My sleep patterns vary anyway depending on my workload. The best thing to do is push through your day on your current time schedule and hopefully your body adjusts fast enough.

Tell us your best travel story.

One of my favorite travel stories is when I went to Thailand. I had never been to a third world country before and it was very enlightening. I went on a study tour with my college, and it was the most rewarding and educational experience I’ve had. I fell in love with the culture, and the food. We went to a silent mediation retreat and I found a spider the size of my hand in my room. I immediately screamed and started yelling. This was the first day, so my silent vow didn’t last long.

What has been your favorite place to visit so far

I had an amazing experience in Spain when I studied abroad there. I completely assimilated myself. I became friends with the locals, took naps every day, went to church on Sunday’s, had tapas and coffee dates regularly, and partied till 4am on the weekdays. It was a wild and amazing opportunity. Now I can’t imagine showing up to work with confetti in my hair. My teacher at the time commemorated me, and said that’s what my youth is for. Oh, how I miss Spain.

Marilyn Hucek Sevilla


One thing you can’t live without on a flight

I can’t live without my neck pillow.  

Do you head to the airport with plenty of time to spare or just in the nick of time?

I go with 2-3 hours depending if it’s international or domestic, I don’t like to stress out about that.

Check in or carry on?

Definitely both, like I said I over-pack.

Airplane food or eat ahead of time/bring your own meal?

I weirdly like to eat airplane food. it makes me happy, like I’m a little kid again with a lunch tray.

Aisle or window?

Either! But if I HAD to choose- window.

One thing on your travel bucketlist

I would love to go to Japan. See the ancient temples and gardens, eat sushi, visit the tea rooms, buy an authentic kimono, and see all the fashion.

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