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These Travel Podcasts Will Keep You Inspired On The Go

Need some entertainment for your next flight? (Or bus ride, or train trip, or tuk tuk ride?) Download these travel podcasts before your next departure to bring the wild world of modern travel straight to your ears. With every episode, you’ll find more inspiration for your next adventure.

 Best podcasts about travel

The Rough Guide To Everywhere

Inspired by the Rough Guides book series, this podcast offers up a home for all the firsthand travel stories that don’t fit into the guidebooks. Check-ins with Rough Guide writers in the field and conversations with travelers across the globe make for a fascinating ride.

On She Goes

This delightful spin-off of the digital platform of the same name encourages women of color to get out and explore the world. Featuring interviews with travelers from all walks of life, you’ll never be short on advice when you tune in.

 Travel podcasts with packing tips

Everywhere Podcast

Hosted by travel writer Daniel Scheffler, this podcast encourages would-be travelers to pack their bags and go. Each episode focuses on a golden rule of travel, with narrative tales shared by the host and his adventurous pals.

Women Who Travel

Produced by Conde Nast Traveler, this podcast breaks down common questions and topics of women who take to the open road. From adventure stories to safety tips to conversations with the women who are leading the way in the field, Women Who Travel is ideal for any lady who’s ready to hit the road.

 best travel podcasts for digital nomads

Alpaca My Bags

This insightful podcast takes on ethical travel with the help of thoughtful guests, parsing through how to travel responsibly and considering which destinations we might want to skip altogether. There are also plenty of breaks for humor and tales of hidden gems.

The Globetrotter Lounge

Hosted by seasoned travel hacker Lisette Austin, the Globetrotter Lounge offers up interviews with a wide range of veteran travel pros. It’s a cheerful mix of actionable tips and straight-up inspiration.

 Best travel podcast for mileage and points tips

Betty In The Sky With A Suitcase

This lighthearted and thoughtful podcast is hosted by a flight attendant who’s had more than her fair share of unexpected journeys. Each episode, she shares some of the wacky and wonderful experiences she’s had on stopovers around the world.

Flight of Fancy

On Flight Of Fancy, travel journalist Ben Groundwater interviews travel pros about everything from logistical advice to philosophical questions about what travel can do for the soul. It features a little bit of everything.


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