The Best Coffee Cities Around The World

The Best Coffee Cities Around The World

No matter where you are on the globe, there’s nothing like that first sip of coffee to get your day going or spark a conversation. Be sure to order a cup at the destinations below, which are known as some of the best coffee cities around the world.

 best cities for coffee vacation

Stockholm, Sweden

Swedes enjoy a long-standing tradition called fika, which means to take a midday break with a coffee and something sweet. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Stockholm is a worldwide leader in the art of making a perfect cup of coffee. With the care that goes into each cup and the hallmark Scandi design that decks out each coffee shop, every Stockholm café is its own type of paradise.

Be sure to try:

Mellqvist Kaffebar, a much-loved local spot known for its literary fame

Café Pascal, a haven that takes aesthetics to a whole new level 

Café Foam, a cheerful space decorated by the famous Note Design Studio

 Melbourne best coffee city where to go

Melbourne, Australia

What is it that makes Melbourne coffee so dang good? Local baristas’ dedication to the craft certainly has a lot to do with it, but we like to think it also has to do with the vibe Melbourne cafes foster. Here, you’ll find welcoming community tables, an ever present willingness to try new flavors, and a friendly attitude that’s tough to beat.

Be sure to try:

Wide Open Road, home to one of the most popular blends in the city

Industry Beans, a fascinating roastery complete with a “tasting lab” and studios where expert baristas hone their skills

ST ALi, which played an integral early role in popularizing Melbourne’s local coffee scene

 Seattle best coffee city in the world coffee shops

Seattle, Washington

Starbucks famously got its start in Seattle, but that’s just one small piece of this city’s rich coffee scene. Seattle has long embraced its reputation as home to perhaps more coffee shops than any other American metropolis. It certainly makes sense: the chilly gray weather, the city’s many avid readers, and the need for a place to connect on rainy days set the stage for a booming cafe scene.

Be sure to try:

Espresso Vivace, a mainstay founded by a former engineer who brought a unique attention to detail to his brewing process

Slate Coffee Ballard, where baristas will ask you questions about what you’re craving before whipping up the perfect cup just for you

Preserve and Gather, a wifi-free space that inspires connection and conversation

 best coffee cities in the world havana

Havana, Cuba

Many of Cuba’s most adored coffee traditions were born out of necessity. When government rations on coffee began in the ‘60s, people found ways to make do with less, and today you’ll see favorites like cafecitos and cortaditos enjoyed in small cups. This is also the reason for that trademark sugary crema you’ll find on top of fresh-brewed Cuban coffee – it was initially created as a way to mimic cappuccino froth at home. One thing’s for sure: when you need to get energized in a hurry without sacrificing flavor, Cuban coffee always has you covered.

Be sure to try:

Cafe Arcangel, a cozy coffee bar founded by B&B owners who know a thing or two about hospitality

Café Fortuna Joe, which sells more than 30 different types of coffee with all kinds of creative flavor combinations

Cafe Mamaine, an artsy spot with creative décor and plenty of Cuban espresso


 Best coffee cities Denmark where to go

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen coffee shops are the stuff caffeine lovers’ (and design lovers’) dreams are made of. Denmark is one of celebrities of the modern coffee movement, and baristas here are especially great at crafting up the perfect light roast.

Be sure to try:

  • Coffee Collective, one of Denmark’s most famous cafes and home to monthly free tours of their coffee creation process
  • Democratic Coffee, a book lover’s dream come true nestled right next to a library
  • Next Door Café, a homey space run by owners who live – you guessed it – next door


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