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The Best Podcasts For Staying Informed On The Road

One of the best things about vacation is the freedom to drop off the grid and forget about the world at large. Is there anything better than spending a week on the beach with zero access to 24/7 news, and zero worries save for how full your margarita glass is? 

During a rare getaway, this is an absolute delight - but when you fly across the globe for work, being disconnected quickly becomes a hurdle. So how’s a traveler to keep up with the news? Enter podcasts, your entertainment and education all in one. Here’s what to listen to in flight to stay up-to-date.

 Best podcasts for business travelers

For a deep dive on current events: The Daily

Produced by the New York Times, this podcast gets up close and personal with the human stories behind larger-than-life headlines. Each weekday, the podcast focuses on a major world event from the perspective of the people living through it on the ground.

For news from around the world: BBC Global News Podcast

If you’re looking for a far-reaching overview of what’s happening all over the planet, the BBC Global News Podcast is your best bet. This daily (and sometimes twice daily) show guides you through events on every corner of the globe.

For a bite-sized current events summary: Up First

If the BBC podcast’s 30-minute episodes are a bit too lengthy for your schedule, Up First’s cheerful 10-minute morning updates can help you get your news fix in a hurry.

 Podcasts for business travelers news

For finance updates: Marketplace

The podcast version of this popular NPR program dives into the current state of our economy, and the changes in the news landscape that make it tick.

To catch up on the Twitter jokes you’ve missed: It’s Been A Minute

This smart, playful talk show alternates between news of the week and Q&As with beloved pop culture figures, all with veteran NPR reporters at the helm. It’s the perfect way to catch up on any cultural inside jokes you’ve been behind on.

For a side of laughs with your news: The Daily Show: Ears Edition

Did you know you can listen to entire TV shows in podcast format? (The future is here, apparently.) With The Daily Show: Ears Edition, you’ll hear all of Trevor Noah’s news recaps and jokes just as they aired on primetime, complete with laughs from the studio audience. The only thing you’re missing is the TV screen!

 Top podcasts for business travelers

To stay on the pulse of the travel industry: Skift Daily Briefing

A business traveler, changes in the travel industry can make a major impact on your routine. These ultra-short daily updates will keep you in the know.


For all the TV your friends back home are talking about: Pop Culture Happy Hour

This weekly show provides a witty rundown of everything worth checking out in the world of entertainment. The hosts will fill you in on what is (and isn’t) worth watching, and will keep you updated on the shows the world just can’t get enough of.

For daily inspiration: The Garyvee Audio Experience

Okay, so Gary Vaynerchuk’s podcast isn’t your average news briefing show. But it will keep you in step with what’s on the minds of entrepreneurs and changemakers around the world. It’s also fantastic inspiration to keep getting out there and doing what you’re doing - especially when pursuing your passion requires you to stay motivated through groggy early mornings and long flight delays.



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