Meet Your Favorite Travel Hack, The Priority Pass

Meet Your Favorite Travel Hack, The Priority Pass

Here at Nomad Lane, we have a trusty hack to make hours spent in airports a whole lot easier: the Priority Pass.


What’s a Priority Pass?

This nifty card makes you part of a worldwide program to access airport lounges across the globe. This one little card can get you into more than 1300 lounges in 600 cities, across 148 countries around the world. It doesn’t matter what class your seat is on your flight or which airline you’re taking - as long as you have your card in hand. The pass also gives you discounted access to Minute Suites in several airports, and other perks elsewhere. At Dubai International Airport, your card will garner you access to cozy sleep pods. At London Heathrow, get ready for pre-flight spa treatments. Champagne in a comfy lounge chair, here you come!


Priority Pass is it worth it

Oh, and there are other perks. 

We found out by surprise that you can dine with the card too! At many airports, you’ll find that you have credits on the card intended to go toward food and drinks at certain restaurants in the terminal. Yes, please. There are also other “surprise” perks you might not expect, like the ability to use a free putting green at the PGA Lounge at Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport.


Free food and drinks using Priority Pass

How do I use it?

You can register for the Priority Pass directly online. (There are a few tiers of membership with different rates.) That said, many US credit cards also include Priority Pass perks as part of using the card. If you have a card that includes Priority Pass membership, you’ll need to enroll in the program online via link from your credit card company. Then, you’ll get the card in the mail (you can also use a digital card in the app in the meantime.) Because each type of membership has different stipulations, you’ll want to check online before visiting certain lounges to make sure you know what you’ll be charged and whether you can bring a guest.

 Best Priority Pass lounges in the world

And it just keeps getting better. 

The best part? Priority Pass continually increases the number of partnerships it has with lounges, restaurants, and other establishments. As the options available to you continue to grow, it will just keep on getting better and better.

Once you have your card, your biggest decision will just be which lounge to try first! We’ll raise a glass (or a card) to that.

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