Voyager Series: Victor Lopez, Menswear Blogger & Travel Influencer

Voyager Series: Victor Lopez, Menswear Blogger & Travel Influencer

Victor Lopez is a menswear and travel influencer based in New York. He grew up in the sunny Dominican Republic and was involved in artistic endeavors even as a young child. After making the move to NYC, he took the leap into the fashion industry. He shares his style tips and adventure travels on his blog and Instagram. Victor has a knack for pulling together outfits that match his location and we’re thrilled to have him sharing his packing advice right here on our Voyager Series!

Describe your earliest travel memory.

My first trip I did was to Italy. It was a solo trip, and I have so many memories about it. I remember exploring historical sides like the Colosseum and the Roman ruins that I grew up seeing in books. This trip definitely marked a before and after to my travel adventures.

Voyager Series: Victor Lopez, Menswear Blogger & Travel Influencer

What or who inspired you to travel?

What inspired me to travel is that feeling of getting to know a new place, and surrounding myself with a different culture; this is priceless to me.

What’s your packing style/strategy? Any travel essentials?

I “try” to pack light and smart! Since I do a combination of menswear and travels I love to pack versatile pieces of clothing that I can easily match with others, and at the same time I don’t feel under or overdressed when I go from one place to another. My travel essentials are a pair of black trousers from COS because they are very comfortable on the plane. I also pack a hoodie to stay warmed on the plane, and a portable charger to keep my iPhone charged.

Do you prefer to work on flights or disconnect?

On the plane I try to disconnect from work. I sort through all the movies from the entertainment section and pick my favorite ones (must of the time comedy movies) to enjoy my flight.

Voyager Series: Victor Lopez, Menswear Blogger & Travel Influencer

What has been your favorite place to visit so far?

Tough question! I have 2 favorite destinations, Greece and Iceland. I loved Greece because it has a rich culture, beautiful scenery, friendly people, and delicious food. It is definitely a blogger spot! (LOL) Also, Iceland was an adventure! Besides the terrible cold weather it was an unforgettable experience. So many natural beauty that you must see with your own eyes to believe, like the Gullfoss waterfall, plus I got to see the Northern lights which was on my bucket list.


One thing you can’t live without on a flight

Do you head to the airport with plenty of time to spare or just in the nick of time?
Plenty of time so I don’t get stressed out.

Check in or carry on?
Carry on.

Airplane food or bring your own snacks?
Airplane food.

Aisle or window?
Definitely, Window (I can’t miss the view.)

One thing on your travel bucket list
Go to the Egyptian pyramids.

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