Voyager Series: Cherry Liu, Global Consultant

Voyager Series: Cherry Liu, Global Consultant

Meet Cherry O’Liu, global consultant and world traveler since she was 4 years old. Cherry graduated from Emory University in 2008 and immediately started her career at Ernst and Young within their Advisory Services. As her career took off, so did the number of miles she was logging. She’s had projects all over the world, including the Czech Republic and the Philippines. Her work and personal travel has been so extensive in the last few years that she’s earned access to Delta’s coveted invitation only program. Delta 360 is so elusive; we could barely find any information on it online! Cherry clearly knows her way around an airport (she once flew through 7 airports in 48 hours!) and can pack a suitcase in a moments notice. If you've ever come upon her mouthwatering food photos, you'll agree that she's a certified global foodie. And we are incredibly lucky to be sharing her tips with you right here!

Cherry Liu Nomad Lane

Cherry in Cebu and Bohol with her Philippines-based Ernst & Young team 

Describe your earliest travel memory.

Coming to the US at the age of 4!  I remember traveling from China and landing in Hawaii where my parents were studying.  It was the first time I encountered escalators and mango!

What or who inspired you to travel? 

Definitely my father—he travels the world working on and studying Chinese politics and foreign relations.  And he’s really been everywhere – Nicaragua, India, Nepal, Australia, and China multiple times a year!

Tell us about your travel essentials.

- Hand sanitizer and wipes for quick and easy cleaning
- Lotion because my hands and face get so dry on flights
- Mini bottles of my own shampoo as I find that the ones provided by hotels really make my hair unmanageable
- Mini pharmacy!  You never know when you’re going to have a headache or catch a cold
- A couple of packets of tea for a caffeine pick-me-up or to feel better when you’re sick
- And this final one I just started traveling with – a tumbler!  I wanted to make an effort to be more green with daily Starbucks coffees, water bottles, and making my own tea

What’s your packing style/strategy?

Packing cubes have changed my life! Helps with over packing and making my carry on too heavy and/or losing things during travel.

Do you prefer to work on flights or disconnect (watch movies, read etc.)?

SLEEP!  It’s always the best place to nap

What has been your favorite place to visit so far

Berlin during the summer!  There are just so many beautiful museums and places to visit.

Cherry Liu Scotland Nomad lane


One thing you can’t live without on a flight


Do you head to the airport with plenty of time to spare or just in the nick of time?

Just in the nick of time (I don’t like waiting at the gate!)

Cherry Liu Delta

Check in or carry on?

Carry on

Airplane food or bring your own meal?


Aisle or window?

Window for < 3 hrs; aisle otherwise

One thing on your travel bucketlist

I feel like this changes every year, currently it’s an eco-friendly (and luxury) safari in Africa

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