The Best Airport Wellness Offerings Around The World

Best Airport Wellness Features

The wellness industry has landed at some of the world’s biggest airports. From massages to yoga to meditation, the travel industry is finally taking a cue from healthy living gurus. Below, some of the best airport wellness offerings around the globe.

 Coolest airports Frankfurt airport rooftop

Frankfurt International Airport: Rooftop Deck and “Silent Chairs”

Frankfurt International Airport in Germany has received props worldwide for its innovative approach to wellness. The airport’s newly introduced “silent chairs” have received particular praise from frequent fliers. The chairs feature arched back rests, soundproof glass panels, and speaker jacks so you can muffle the sounds of the crowded terminal. You can zone out in silence or turn on your own tunes.

Another wellness favorite in the terminal is the airport’s open-air rooftop, where you can lounge in the sunshine. You’ll also find spa offerings, yoga and prayer rooms, and a “quiet room” for some relaxing peace.

Tokyo’s Narita Airport: Running Track

Tokyo is gearing up to host the 2020 Olympics in more creative ways than you’d expect - like installing running tracks in one of its airport terminals! Passenger journeys through Narita’s Terminal 3 are guided by springy running tracks looping through the terminal floors. The color-coded tracks provide directions and signage to get you where you need to go within the terminal, but they also make for an ultra-comfortable walking experience. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even run a lap or two!

 Yoga Room at San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport: Yoga Room

When SFO first introduced its yoga room in 2012, it made headlines around the world as one of the first indicators that airports were going the way of wellness. This low-key, welcoming space is the perfect spot to squeeze in some downward dog before boarding your flight, or to simply relax and reflect.

Known as the first airport yoga studio in the world (though other airports are now following suit), the space is located in a renovated former storage room. Talk about innovation!

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport: Chiropractor

MSP helps passengers readjust - pun intended - after cramped flights with the help of onsite “chiroport” services. You can prepare for or unwind from a flight with massages, adjustments, stretching, and, naturally, some stress-relieving trademark midwestern friendliness. No more mid-air neck pain for you!

 Wellness features in airports pool spa

Singapore’s Changi Airport: Swimming Pool

Changi is one of the most luxurious airports in the world, and its pool is no exception. Kick back between flights at the Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel’s pool and jacuzzi. With a bar, showers, and views of the planes taking off, it’s everything you could ask for in a layover.

Hong Kong International Airport: Spa

Hong Kong Airport’s onsite spa offers opportunities for relaxation, rejuvenation, and a high-vibe getaway from the stressors of the terminal. If you have access to Cathay Pacific’s Pier Business Class Lounge, you’ll find an extra exciting perk: The Sanctuary By Pure Yoga, a new yoga and meditation space. Travel stress? What’s that?

Vancouver International Airport: Coloring Books

Vancouver International Airport’s creative approach to in-flight wellness starts with Fly Calm, a website you can peruse before your trip for mindfulness tips and advice. The site has plenty of interactive features, but the best is the downloadable adult coloring book to doodle your way through while on board your flight. Remember, you’re a grown-up now: staying inside the lines is not required.


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