The Best Airline Lounges In The World

Best Airline Lounges for Business Traveler

No place highlights the finer things in life quite like a well-appointed airline lounge. Spending time in just about any lounge is worlds better than hanging out in the airport’s main terminal, but a select few rarefied lounges are in an entire league of their own. When you visit one of the best airline lounges in the world, the experience is sometimes more memorable than the trip itself. Here are the best airline lounges to check off your bucket list.

 Best airline lounges for business traveler

Lufthansa First Class Terminal, Frankfurt

If you fly Lufthansa first class out of Frankfurt, you’ll enjoy a lot more than lounge - you’ll get access to your very own terminal. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a personal assistant who will handle all of the logistics of your trip. After being escorted through a private security checkpoint and passport control, you’ll find a terminal decked out with relaxing chairs, comfy day beds, Michelin-starred meals, showers, and bubble baths. There’s also luxe office space and, of course, a top-of-the-line bar. The bar stocks more than 100 types of whiskey alone - cheers to that. 

Cathay Pacific’s The Pier, Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific has long been known for being a cut above the rest, so it’s no surprise that this lounge experience is a major standout. The Pier is Cathay’s crown jewel. The space features design work by Ilse Crawford, delectable dining options, and a spa you won’t want to miss. The Pier’s restaurant menu changes with the seasons, and the onsite bar has exclusive cocktails you can only get on site. The spa, known as the Retreat, offers massages to help you unwind before the long flight ahead.

 Best Lounges for Business Traveler British Airways

British Airways Concorde Room, New York City

The British Airways Concorde Room has two locations, one in London Heathrow and one in New York’s JFK. The JFK location is arguably even more luxurious than its London counterpart. The space is reserved exclusively for British Airways passengers en route to London on first class. When you saunter in, you’ll find a spacious lounge with beautiful chandeliers and decor inspired by high-end hotels around the world. Mouthwatering food and drinks are on offer, as well as complimentary champagne to toast to your upcoming trip across the pond.

Emirates Concourse A First Class Lounge, Dubai

This luxurious enclave is one of several first class Emirates lounges at the Dubai airport, but it’s undoubtedly the finest of them all. It’s the world’s most massive first class lounge, taking up an entire floor over the concourse and providing enough space for several hundred guests. It has its own wine cellar (really!), a cigar lounge, a kids’ space, prayer rooms, showers, and a business center. You’ll also get to enjoy fresh international fine dining and free 15-minute spa treatments. When it’s time to board, you’ll have direct access to your gate from the lounge. Take lots of pictures, because this lounge is so epic that your friends will have a hard believing what you’ve seen.

 Changi for Business Traveler

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Singapore

Tucked into the sensory wonderland that is Singapore’s Changi Airport (seriously, this airport practically its own destination), the SilverKris Lounge is well worth arriving early to enjoy. The lounge’s delicious meals, rest areas, and office space are great, but the true highlight is the chic Private Room available only to passengers in first class or suites class.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, London

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at London Heathrow embodies the bright, energetic air that Virgin Atlantic is famous for. It looks more like a hip, Jetsons-inspired bar than an airport. The Clubhouse features arcade games, pool tables, spas, a hair salon, tea service, and talented mixologists who can whip up any cocktail you can dream of. The best part is how you’ll get there: a Virgin Atlantic driver will pick you up in London before your flight and take you to a priority check-in point away from the crowds.

VIP Centre Schiphol, Amsterdam

If you’ve ever wanted a glimpse of how the royals live, this lovely slice of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is your ticket into their universe. This lounge was once used exclusively by the Dutch Royal Family, diplomats, and key political visitors. Now, anyone willing to pay the entry fee of a few hundred Euros can enjoy it for themselves. The lounge’s hallmark decor feature is its top-notch Dutch design. You can kick back in your own private designated space within the lounge, and when it’s time for takeoff, you’ll be driven directly to your plane in a high-end set of wheels.


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