8 Simple Tips to Help You Get Through the Airport Faster

8 Simple Tips to Help You Get Through the Airport Faster

Between all of the planning and packing, traveling can be stressful enough. Getting to the plane doesn’t have to be! With a few simple steps and prep work, you can make getting through the airport faster. 

Organization is key. Keep your things organized and your electronics easily accessible. Packing bags paired with the ultimate carry on suitcase make getting through the airport easier, and are one of the easiest factors for you to control. 

How to get through the airport faster

Mark your luggage. A ribbon or scarf can help your bag stand out against the dozen other suitcases on the luggage belt, saving you time searching and sorting. Always be sure to fill out your luggage tag in case of issues.

Treat yourself to a premium seat.Economy class seats generally depart the aircraft last, so book a premium class to ensure you have the right of way. Pick the upgrade at time of booking to get the best rate. 

What to wear for flight to get through security quickly


Dress sharp...and smart. Your travel outfit should be as comfortable as it is stylish; more importantly it should help getting through that airport security line a breeze. Wear jackets and hoodies rather than pullovers, and make sure your selected footwear can easily slide off. A few moments saved removing your outerwear adds up!

Have your documents handy; not just your official documents, but your itinerary as well. Some agents may ask you for the name of your accommodation, as well as any friends or business clients you may be meeting. This is especially important when traveling internationally


Speed through airport


Go mobile. Use your mobile device to store all of your documents! Apps such as Apple Wallet or your airline carrier’s mobile app can be used to store your boarding passes; and be sure to have all other related documents stored and ready as well. Not only is going mobile better for the environment, but you’ll save time shuffling around for your important documents. 

Pick the fastest moving line. This may seem like a no-brainer, but a simple 5-second scan onto the crowd can help you secure a spot on the fastest moving line. Just because a line looks shorter doesn’t mean it will  be faster; a line of organized business travelers will move faster than a group of families with younger children who may need more guidance through the lines. 

Utilize fast-track services. Take advantage of the free app, Mobile Passport - exclusively for U.S citizens and Canadian Visitors. You can also consider paid services like TSA Precheck, Global Entry, or Clear, which will help fast-track you through the airport process. Some travel credit cards include perks that help pay for these services, so be sure to double check your travel card contracts.

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