Rejuvenating Late Summer Getaways To Wrap Up Your Season In Style

Best places to travel during late summer

Late summer is its own bizarre kind of limbo. The hot air has gotten stale, overcrowding has set in just about everywhere, and it feels like fall will never get here. Missing that magic summer spark you felt back in May? We’ve got you covered. Try one of these late summer getaways that are high on relaxation, but low on crowds and sweltering heat.

 End of summer trip ideas Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

While we’re up here sweating our way through 90-degree days in the Northern Hemisphere, Brazil is experiencing its winter south of the Equator. And for Rio, winter doesn’t exactly involve snowstorms. Rio de Janeiro in July and August makes for mellow days in the mid 60s and 70s with bright sunny skies. Enjoy long walks along the city’s famous sugar-sand beaches, without the droves of crowds that will land later in the year. Copacabana all to yourself? Yes, please.

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

This microstate tucked between Switzerland and Austria is one of the least visited nations in Europe, which means you’ll get to experience the charm of an Alpine paradise without busloads of tourists. Liechtenstein offers mountain views, epic castles, and ridiculously scenic hiking. In the capital city of Vaduz, you can wander the quaint streets, visit top-notch museums, and check out the Vaduz Castle, where the Liechtenstein royal family hangs out.

 Best time to visit Alaska late summer

Denali National Park, Alaska

Raise your hand if your summer so far has been a blur of beachside lounging. If you’re craving a change of pace, the rugged and mountainous beauty of Denali is the perfect way to to mix things up. Alaska is so expansive and sparsely visited that even in its peak summer season, you’ll get to enjoy peace and quiet without feeling too overcrowded. Take in the stunning mountains, hike along pristine trails, and watch local wildlife enjoying their own summer fun.

Portland, Maine

This low-key city is the perfect way to soak up the last few weeks of coastal season without the overflow of tourists you’ll find in, say, the Hamptons or Nantucket. Portland’s majestic Atlantic beaches will give you all the ocean fixes you need, and when you’re ready to spend more time on land, you can explore the charming city streets. You’ll find excellent food, gorgeous historic homes, and a whole lot of New England charm.

 Best cities to visit late August early September

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Believe it or not, Monaco is one of Europe’s least frequented destinations - and that’s totally why you should go. Instead of wading your way through masses of exhausted tourists at some of Western Europe’s more popular historic sites, stop off in Monaco for a little slice of luxury. Gaze out onto the Mediterranean Sea, gawk at the extravagant homes and resorts, and if gambling is your thing, try your luck at the world famous Casino de Monte Carlo.

Park City, Utah

This ski town might be known for winter sports and cold-weather film festival, but Park City in the summer is its own kind of paradise. Stroll the town’s idyllic main street, hike, bike, and get up close and personal with the mountains. Don’t forget to visit one of the local ski resorts, because there’s nothing more delightfully disorienting than riding a ski lift over lush green fields.

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