7 Must-Have Business Travel Apps

7 Must-Have Business Travel Apps

Renting a car? There’s an app for that. Shopping for your next suitcase or carry-on? There’s an app for that. And of course - going on your next business trip? There’s an abundance of download-ready business travel apps and apps to help you stay organized on the road.

Pro tip: pick a carry on luggage that fits under the seat, so you can access all your media without having to fiddle around with the overhead compartments.

Airport Lounge App

Find the coziest, most luxurious lounges in the airport - the perfect place to spend a long layover or in case of flight delays. If you have lounge memberships such as Priority Pass, consider downloading the membership-specific app as well.

Recommended lounge guide app for business travel: LoungeBuddy

Airport Maps App

Anyone that’s ever had a layover at LAX knows the importance of knowing the lay of the (airport) land. Come prepped with an airport guide app, including all shops, bars, dining options, and gate-specific offerings.

Recommended airport guide app for business travel: GateGuru

7 Must-Have Business Travel Apps

Ridesharing Apps

Before your next business trip, do a bit of research into the widely-available and popular rideshare apps in the area. While Uber is the most mainstream offer, it is not available in all cities and regions. Save yourself the stress by planning ahead.

Recommended rideshare app for business travel: Varies by location

Mobile Document Signing App

Contracts come through while you’re on the road? SIgn them and them off, without getting out of your seat with an app that lets you set up a professional signature from your mobile device.

Recommended document app for business travel: Docusign

7 Must-Have Business Travel Apps

Expense Tracking & Itinerary Organizing App

If it’s one app you need for your business trip, it’s the Concur app. Use your mobile device to scan and and organize all of your business expenses, while also keeping your itinerary organized. for a stress-free trip.

Ultimate business travel app: Concur

App for Organizing Your Google Docs

Word documents, spreadsheets, images - store all your places in one destination by utilizing Google Drive. This service is free with a Gmail account, and can be accessed from any device by simply logging in - the ultimate tool for a business traveler.

7 Must-Have Business Travel Apps

Searching for Restaurant Reviews App

Looking for a great place to meet or take a client? Or more importantly, treat yourself? Download a restaurant review app to make your planning significantly easier. While in the U.S you’ll find Yelp to be the most commonly used option, other countries have alternatives such as TripAdvisor.

Best dining reviews app: varies by location

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