How To Stay Healthy While Flying

How To Stay Healthy While Flying

We’ve all occasionally learned the hard way that flying can take a toll on our health, and there’s no worse souvenir than a cold or flu! Fortunately, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to stay healthier in the friendly skies.

How to avoid getting sick on a plane

Use the air vent.

Make sure the air vent above your seat is flowing. It doesn’t have to be turned all the way up, but you’ll want it circulating at least a bit. This way, germs are more likely to be blown away from your seat by the air current. (Yes, really!)

Bring a water bottle onboard.

As anyone who’s ever done a moisturizing face mask at 35,000 feet can attest, air gets very dry in-flight. This can dry out your sinuses and make it more likely for you to catch a cold or end up with a sinus infection. Combat this by drinking lots of water in-flight, as well as before boarding. Luckily, the Nomad Lane Bento Bag includes a dedicated spot for your water bottle. So there's no reason not to bring your favorite chic water bottle on your next flight. 

 Personal item travel bag with water bottle holder

Adjust your sleep schedule.

Lack of sleep can make us more susceptible to illness, so if you’re traveling to a different time zone, adjust accordingly. If you’re flying west, try going to bed an hour or two later than usual, starting a few days before your trip. If you’re heading east, try going to bed an hour or so earlier. The night before your flight, do everything you can to go a good night’s sleep - that means no last minute packing at 2am! - so you board the plane healthy and as well-rested as possible. Not only will your immune system thank you, but so will your travel companions, because you’ll be a lot more fun to be around.


While poor in-flight circulation won’t exactly make you catch a cold from that sniffly guy seated in your row, it can certainly make for some not-so-fun issues. For some people, in-flight circulation problems can lead to deep vein thrombosis, but for lots of others, it’s just plain uncomfortable. Get the blood pumping in your legs by taking a stroll up and down the aisle every now and then during your flight. If you don’t have a meeting or work event the second you land, wear looser fitting pants on board. (Don’t worry, if you’re style conscious, there are plenty of more chic looking options out there than sweatpants.)

Choose a window seat.

There are two kinds of travelers in this life: people who prefer window seats and people who prefer aisle seats. If you’re in the window seat camp, you’re in luck. Recent research suggests that based on air patterns and the way respiratory viruses spread in-flight, a window seat is your best bet to avoid getting sick.

Window seat better on long flights 

Keep your hands off your face.

Why is it so tempting to absently touch our faces all day? Most of us do it without even realizing, especially when we’re deep in concentration. Touching our faces makes a much easier path for germs to get into our eyes, nose, and mouth, so if you can help it, avoid this habit in the sky.

Cover your neck.

Because of the notoriously dry cabin air, lots of health pros suggest covering your neck and collar bone on board. If you ask us, that’s a perfect opportunity to show off your most stylish, colorful scarf. Go big or go home, right? It's a good thing the Bento Bag has extra room to stash a warm scarf!

When it comes to prevention, a few tiny changes could make all the difference. Here’s to landing healthy, rested, and ready to take on the world.

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