How To Create The Perfect Morning Routine For Business Travel

How To Create The Perfect Morning Routine For Business Travel

When you’re on the road, there’s a lot that’s out of your control. It’s no surprise, then, that even the most zen person can wake up on a business trip feeling frenzied. One way to ground yourself and create consistency is by following the same morning routine - no matter where you are in the world. Here’s how to choose a routine that helps you thrive.

 How to maintain our routine on business trip

Think about what works for you.

Morning routines have gotten trendy lately, and for good reason: what you do just after waking up can set the tone for the rest of your day. That said, it’s important to think about what’s actually going to benefit you. Your routine doesn’t have to be performative. It doesn’t have to involve waking up at 4 a.m. to journal serenely at a perfectly organized desk that would look really good on Instagram. There is no right or wrong way to spend a morning, and it’s more about creating consistency than about what you actually do with the time. If you create a routine just because you think you “should,” it won’t stick - so choose what will actually help you feel more centered, and ditch the rest!

Say goodbye to the snooze button.

As anyone who hits the snooze button can attest (raises hand), it can be really tough to break the habit. But what if you made a rule of not hitting snooze specifically when you travel? On the road, the quality of your sleep is already precarious at best, and those extra five minutes of sleep aren’t actually providing any further rest. So do your best to rise at the sound of your first alarm when you’re traveling, and save the snooze routine for home!

 Traveling for business breakfast routine

Maintain your breakfast habits from home.

Changes to your morning eating habits could impact your energy and focus in a big way. If you don’t eat breakfast at home, don’t force yourself to eat it at your hotel. If you do eat breakfast, try to eat the same thing on the road as you do at your home base. To be sure, trying the local cuisine is half the fun of traveling, but breakfast before a big workday isn’t the ideal time to deviate from your food habits.

Drink water first thing in the morning.

Starting the day with a tall glass of water is a staple in all those trending “celebrity morning routine” articles, but it takes on extra importance on the road. You’re more likely to get dehydrated or forget to drink water when you’re caught up in the busy pace of travel. Leave a large glass or bottle of water at your bedside each night before you go to sleep, and then drink up bright and early before hydration slips your mind.

 How to maintain morning routine during business trip

Use the peace of your hotel room to your advantage.

Treat the quiet and distraction-free energy of your hotel room as an opportunity. What do you wish you had time for in the mornings at home, but never get around to? Maybe it’s journaling, or working on a personal project, or even catching up on email before the day gets away from you. Mornings on the road can be the special time that you get to make it happen, which can feel like a treat. Travel days are often draining, so use this time to make sure you do something for yourself before everything ramps up.

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