Hostels vs. Airbnb: Cheap Sleep in Asia?

Hostels vs. Airbnb: Cheap Sleep in Asia?

When it comes to planning a trip, choosing accommodation is an important decision! You may be super excited about trip itinerary, but when it comes to choosing the right accommodation, it can be a little tricky. After all, you want to find a space that allows you to store your belongings and rest your head after a long day of exploring. As a matter of fact, in today’s world, there’s an abundance of options available for accommodation. However, where can you find the best accommodation value that offers not only the lowest price but also the safest and the most comfortable stay? Hotels can be expensive but offer the highest level of comfort and privacy but the price ranges may not be within your budget. On the other hand, couchsurfing may be the cheapest option, but there’s no privacy or comfort.Thereby, this article shall focus on the next best cheap sleep in Asia. For those who are wondering, hostels and AirBnb are very popular choices when it comes to accommodations. Not only are these two options are known for their great services but also the price ranges are within your budget. Now, let’s dive into the comparisons of both of these options.


Hostels are known for its fun and social scene atmosphere, and therefore, it’s a form of accommodation for backpackers. Thus, hostels can come up as an unfair stereotype as a loud and a party kinda-scene accommodation spot. Though some hostels are like that, not all live up to that stereotype. So, if you’re travelling alone and on a budget, staying in a hostel is a great way to meet other travelers, like you.

Next, no matter what you hear, hostels are for the most part very safe. 90% of licensed hostels come with lockers and wombats. Just remember always to lock your things up and stuffing belongings under your pillow is not a great idea! If you’re unsure about the hostel you’re planning to stay on your trip, it is best always to check their website for the provided services or call them. Hostels’ receptions are always known for their warm hospitality.

Lastly, you can get a good night sleep staying in a hostel! How? It all really depends on which dorm and hostel you choose. For example, Baan Suay Backpackers Hostel (Phuket, Thailand) has private dorm options where you don’t have to share with others. However, most hostels come with a standardized 4 or 6 shared dorm, so it is best always to do your research and read the reviews.

Things to watch for when booking hostels:

  • Read reviews
  • Research the hostel’s neighborhood and pick the best one for your priorities (food, sights, markets, etc.)
  • Read what is included and not included in their general facilities and services


If you’re travelling in a pack and looking for a quiet place for accommodation within your budget, Airbnb is a great alternative compare to expensive hotels. In other words, Airbnb is what you see, what you get – it provides you with a safe, convenient and cheap accommodation with privacy. On top of that, some of the hosts will go out of their way to make sure you’re comfortable at their place like home. So, don’t be surprised when you receive family dinner invitations or welcome baskets. Not only that, some Airbnb's have access to incredible facilities such as the beach and pool.

In short, Airbnb provides the comfort of any traditional hotel within your budget. It may seem all great and genuine about Airbnb, but you’ll have to extra careful when it comes to choosing the right accommodation. There are a few dodgy hotels that list their rooms as Airbnb properties. So, first, it is important to read reviews of guests staying in the past. Second, there are hidden fees such as the service and cleaning fee so check out the prices.

Nowadays, most hosts don’t serve breakfast as part of the amenities agreement. Again, check what is included and what is not. By all means, pay attention to amenities and look what matters most to you. Lastly, there are options for the different types of accommodations you seek. The price varies depending on what you’re looking for. That being said, Airbnb can be quite cheap during non-peak travel periods. So, make sure always to book your stay in advance.

Things to watch for when booking AirBnbs:

  • Read reviews
  • Research the location of the AirBnb
  • Beware of dodgy hotels listing their rooms as Airbnb properties
  • Check our the photos
  • Pay attention to amenities and services

Like hostels, there is a broad range of Airbnbs in Asia. Both of these accommodation options are reasonably cheap in price. It really depends on the location and how well you did your research. Most of the time, the costs of staying in either one are similar. To avoid a negative experience, always check the hostels and Airbnbs for ratings. Just like how you would check Airbnb rating system, you can check hostels based on these sites such as hostelbookers and hostelworld. But overall, if you’re travelling alone and desperate to save a few dollars, you can always stay in a hostel, but if you love your privacy, Airbnb is a good option.

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