Here's What Type Of Cuisine Business Travelers Expense The Most

What do business travelers expense the most

Do you have a go-to meal when you’re on the road for business? If recent findings are any indication, most people do. According to recent research by Dinova and the Global Business Travel Association, most business travelers have set routines and preferences when they travel.

Research found that business travelers prefer higher end meals (same, fellow travelers, same) and that many road warriors opt for healthy food whenever they can. There’s also a taste for regional fare: 77% of work travelers like to try local dishes in their destinations.

That said, as we all know, life on the road is busy - and sometimes that means grabbing whatever you can when you need fuel in a pinch. So perhaps it’s no surprise that over 50% of millennial business travelers reach for fast food on the road, especially tried-and-true chains. Here’s what type of cuisine business travelers expense the most - and what to order from each spot.

 What do business travelers expense the most


None of us will be shocked to hear that many a business traveler has a venti Starbucks cup permanently attached to their hand as they power walk through airports. And with the coffee shop’s food offerings constantly expanding, it’s also an easy place to grab a quick snack.

What to order: A caramel macchiato, (or your drink of choice, because let’s be real, most of us are married to our favorite blends) and a protein box.

 Business travelers most expensed meals


Chipotle is the kind of establishment that, upon entering your mind, refuses to leave until you’ve marched yourself over to the nearest location and gotten yourself a burrito. Apparently, this phenomenon isn’t just reserved for local office employees - business travelers feel the craving just the same.

What to order: A burrito. (With the extra guac, because life is short.

Business travelers spend most on fast food 

Good Old-Fashioned Fast food

Nothing screams “Americana” quite like a burger and fries. Maybe that’s why some business travelers continue to crave it no matter where they are in the world. (Hey, there’s no place like home!) Burger King, McDonald’s, and their beef-free cousin Chick-Fil-A all came in as some of the most commonly expensed establishments.

What to order: Skip Mickey D’s and hightail it straight over to Shake Shack. Their antibiotic-free beef burgers are the stuff of legend. (If you’re a vegetarian, dig into their mushroom burger.) Don’t forget to order cheese for your fries, because it makes all the difference.


Most common business expenses for travelers food

Coffee and Bagels

Good old Dunkin' Donuts is many an East Coaster’s go-to, so it’s no wonder that it also topped high on the list. Dunkin’ coffee is like a trusty old friend: it’s not as luxe as Starbucks, but it’s always there when you need it. Of course, the real star of the show at Dunkin’ is their breakfast sandwich menu - especially if you’ve gone a little too hard on cocktails at the company happy hour the night before.

What to order: Bacon, egg, and cheese. Need we say more?

 Common expenses for business travelers

Sandwiches and Salads

It certainly makes sense that places like Subway and Panera are business traveler favorites, because who doesn’t crave a fresh sandwich or salad to munch on at their desk while plowing through a proposal or two? (And let’s be real, in the non-existent cage match between these two restaurants, there’s no question that Panera is the winner.)

What to order: Panera’s Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich will perk up any bad day. Or, if you’re really in a treat yoself mood, order yourself soup in a bread bowl, the ultimate comfort food.


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