Father's Day Trips Around The World You'll Never Forget

Trip to take Father and Son

Who needs a new tie clip when you can give Dad the whole globe for Father’s Day instead? These epic Father’s Day trips around the world will leave you and your old man with once-in-a-lifetime memories.

 Trips to take with your dad

Climbing Mount Fuji

For the most ambitious dads among us, there’s the ambitious adventure of climbing Mount Fuji. Families that bicker under stress might want to avoid this one: Mount Fuji takes 5 to 7 hours to ascend, and another three to four hours to head back down, and the experience won’t all be sunshine and roses. If you do decide to take it on, you’ll be heavily rewarded for all that cardio. When you reach the summit, you and Dad will get to gaze out on some of the most breathtaking views in Japan.

Pub Crawling In Edinburgh

No place does beer quite like Edinburgh. Treat dad to a dose of history as you wander the Old Town’s cobblestone streets in search of a perfect pint. Edinburgh’s many centuries-old pubs, like the Sheep Heid Inn and the Golf Tavern, will be more than happy to serve up a stiff drink.

Father son trip to Macau

Gambling In Macau

Up the ante on Dad’s Las Vegas dreams by taking his gambling adventures way, way up a notch. Just across the water from Hong Kong, Macau is home glittering lights, fantastic food, and dozens of casinos. Just don’t let him get overconfident on the casino floor - you’ll want some cash leftover for cocktails, after all!

Diving In Indonesia

With its prime location in what’s known as the Coral Triangle, Indonesia is every diver’s dream. Hop on a liveaboard dive boat to journey to the Raja Ampat Islands, which are almost as stunning above the water’s surface as they are below. Here, you and Pops can get up close and personal with some of the world’s most striking marine life, like manta rays, reef sharks, and dugongs.

 Father son trip to Yellowstone National Park

Camping At Yellowstone

Yellowstone tops so many bucket lists for good reason. No one can resist the giddy excitement of seeing legends like Mammoth Hot Springs or Old Faithful or the first time. You can hike, fish, ride horses, and gape in wonder at the beauty of the park’s forests, waterfalls, and mountains.

Surfing In Nicaragua

With legendary year-round waves and pristine natural beauty, the Nicaraguan coast is a more off-the-beaten path alternative to the Costa Rica beaches that attract big surfing crowds. Pros at local surf camps and resorts can give you tips for catching the best waves each morning and help you hone your technique.

Father and Son Fishing Trip to Alaska

Fishing In Alaska

Bristol Bay in Alaska is famous for its abundance of king salmon, and avid fishing fans flock from all over the globe to check it out for themselves. Chillax off the grid among Alaska’s natural beauty while bringing in some of the craziest catches of your life. Just make sure you take lots of pictures, because otherwise nobody back home will believe your epic fish stories.

Golfing In New Zealand

Is your dad a baby boomer who collects cheeky signs for his home bar that say things like “It Takes A Lot Of Balls To Golf Like I Do”? Great, then you have no choice but to take him to New Zealand’s Cape Kidnappers Golf Club to play the most exciting round of his life. At Cape Kidnappers, Dad can golf alongside epic ocean cliffs and national park-worthy terrain. Did we mention there’s a luxury hotel onsite? Yeah, everybody wins with this one.

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