Exactly What To Eat On A Business Trip To Taipei

Exactly What To Eat On A Business Trip To Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan is a foodie’s dream come true. As the home of bubble tea, juicy meats, and perfectly chewy, steamy treats; Taipei has everything your taste buds could possibly dream of. There’s only one rule: don’t be afraid to be adventurous and try new things. The tasty foods below are just the tip of the iceberg, and you never know what you’ll get to taste next!

 Taipei business trip where to eat

Beef Noodle Soup

This classic dish is so popular - and delicious - that Taipei holds an annual festival to celebrate it. You can get beef noodle soup all over the city, and preparations vary from basic favorites to unique twists crafted by innovative chefs.

Fried Chicken

Taiwanese fried chicken is legendary. Whether you’re going for popcorn chicken, massive fried chicken cutlet, or chicken steak, you can’t go wrong. Marinated, deep fried, and covered in deep fried basil, it’s a feast for the senses. You’ll see chicken stalls open late into the night in Taipei, and it makes for the perfect snack after a night of cocktails with coworkers.

 Taiwan business trip what to eat

Braised Pork Rice

Braised pork rice, or lu rou fan, is a quintessential Taiwanese favorite and a total comfort food. It consists of fatty, finely chopped pork belly slow roasted in spices and soy sauce then placed over rice. Is your mouth watering yet?

Bubble Tea

You absolutely can’t go on a trip to Taiwan without sipping on some bubble tea. This fun and tasty mix of tea and tapioca is sweet, delightfully chewy, and offered in literally hundreds of flavors. These days, you can try it in coffee, hot, on ice, or in several other varieties. Two Taiwanese tea shops - Hanlin Tea Room in Tainan and the Chun Shui Tang tearoom in Taichung - both claim to have come up with bubble tea first. While we may never know bubble tea’s true origin, the fact remains that the stuff is totally tasty.

 where to get bubble tea in taipei

Pineapple Cake

These candied pineapple pies are a signature Taiwanese dessert. Sweet and fruity on the inside, buttery on the outside, they make for a tiny slice of heaven. Travelers to Taiwan love to take these back to friends at home as souvenirs.

Scallion Pancakes

This delightfully flaky pancake is perfect to munch on while perusing a Taipei night market. You can enjoy one plain or with fillings like eggs, cheese, or meat. While it might be tempting to savor it, make sure you eat it quick while it’s still perfectly hot!

Taipei business trip street market food 

Gua Bao 

This steamed bun filled with braised pork belly, powdered peanuts, and cabbage has perfect the taste-to-bite ratio. With each ingredient mixed together in small pieces, you’re guaranteed to get the flavor of each item in every single munch. Talk about heaven in a bun.

Pepper Cakes

Pepper cakes are the claim to fame of Rao He Night Market. These rich pastries are filled with black pepper-infused pork and baked in a clay oven. They’re every bit as delectable as they sound, and because of that, you might have to wait in a long line to try them. They’re worth the wait!

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