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Best carryon I have ever used.

I bought this bag because I have not found one that had all the access I needed with enough room for my things. I have two kids under 5 and we travel all the time. This bag has been wonderful to travel with.

Great, Thought out bag

I like the size and design, it really suits my needs. I enjoy travelling light, and this bag is a keeper. I do have one suggestion, please consider putting a piece of velcro on the inside of the luggage pass threw (in the middle) to make the bag more secure when it's on a roller bag.

Cool bag

Cool bag!! I haven’t used it yet but am going to Cancun soon and will let you know more then. Think it’s gonna be awesome!!

Great bag!

So many compartments, and i like the little pockets with pouches in them! I love a bag that has different compartments so i can find my things in a hurry.

My new bag

I’m a flight attendant for a major airline always looking for the perfect bag over 22 plus years I’ve had a lot of bags I really like your bag the only thing is the zipper on the front part of the bag is very hard to open and close and it bites your hand the snaps on the handles won’t stay snapped I think all the zippers should be like the one in middle and back of the bag and stronger snaps and this would make a great bag looking forward to any upgrades That may come next

Amazing bag

Well thought out, perfectly sized and beautifully finished. Really an amazing bag that takes care of all your travel needs!

Passed with "flying" colors!

I just got back from a trip to Portugal and the Bento bag was the perfect accompaniment to my carry on luggage! Because of the Bento bag I was able to pack winter clothes in a carryon!
Great bag! Great, rich color in the Positano Plum!


Well constructed, thoughtfully designed. I love that it fits in the space under the seat. Great gift to my husband. Highly recommend!

Gift for friend and me.

Bought two of the Bento bags and am not disappointed. Both the one I gave as a gift and mine got immediate use. Love the layout and overall functionality of the bags. The ease of use made for security check to be a breeze. The Bento is refined and elegant which will catch people's attention. Had several people ask about mine on my trips.

Timely deliver with a great quality product

The quality of the Bento Bag is just what my wife wanted for short personal or business travel. The delivery was timely with consistent updates.

I will definitely look to buy other products from Nomad Lane!

No one can compare!

I saw this bag on a Facebook ad in October. I read reviews and watched YouTube videos. I decided to make my purchase. I left for a 5 day trip to my family's house. I stuffed this bag to the max. I had two pairs of pants, a long sleeve dress, three shirts,three3 leggings, a hair towel, a medicine bag, and foldable reusable bag, and more. This bag held up for the trip. I did over stuff. I would recommend this bag. I dont think I will overstuff it again. However, I was packing in winter clothes. The bag fits underneath the United Airlines seats with ease. I am happy I purchased this bag. Even if there are no wheels, the Nomad Lane bag is elegant. I felt confident that my bag would hold up as I am rough on my bags. Compared to other bags seen throughout the airport, I know this one was superior. I would caution not to overstuff the bag. Refer to the YouTube videos for some visual guidance. Thank you!

Note: the bag has been emptied for pictures

Dope Bag

If you are a business traveler or you are tired of your teenagers looking like vagabonds when they travel, buy the bag - seriously.

A business travel must

I travel weekly for work, sometimes heading straight from the airport to meet with a client and vise versa. This bag really does it all. I can fit so much into this bag, and it looks so professional and classy. I highly recommend to all my business traveler friends.

The Bento Bag
Don’t think just buy!!

Absolutely love my bag! Brought it to Mexico and can’t wait to take it on my next trip. My friend asked to borrow it on her Holiday trip because she loved it so much!

The Bento Bag

Love the bag - but could use a bit more room

I love the shape, material and organization of this bag! I was, however, a bit surprised at how small it seemed. I took it on a 4 day/3 night trip and wasn't quite able to pack everything I wanted (PJs, 3 pair jeans, 3 sweaters, 3 tees, 3 pair socks, undergarments, toiletries, Ipad & Kindle). This will be fine for a personal carry on with 1 day's worth of clothing, but won't quite cut it for a long week ends for me. May work better during summer when clothing is thinner. Hopefully you'll make different sizes in the future.

Favorite bag

The bento bag appeared on my Instagram and I was quite skeptical as it seems too good to be true. Took a leap of faith and found it worth every cent! The bag is structured, well made and totally functional. Every pocket made sense. As a petite lady, I was concerned it may look too big. Surprisingly it looks quite sleek despite holding so much.

My wishlist for nomad lane
- a smaller version to be used purely for work
- a bag pack travel version
- accessories for sales

Love the purple bag!

I liked the customer service I received (after I messaged the company via Instagram) and am now loving my bag on its first trip. I have been eyeing this bag for over a year and was scared off by early reviews because of zipper complaints. I travel a lot and I’ve never found a “personal item” bag that I love enough not to keep looking for a new one. I knew the design of the bento bag looked like my dream bag, but I also tend to get pretty annoyed by things like rough/difficult zippers on an otherwise high quality item, so the comments about the zippers scared me off. Anyway, I read more recent reviews of the newer version of the bag and saw that the company addressed the complaints with upgrades/changes and I finally took the plunge and got the bag. IT IS AWESOME. Prettier in person even than online and all the zippers are working just as they should. It feels strong, durable, and organized. So far so good!

The Bag You Have Been Waiting For

It is a joke in my house that I buy too many bags. I think I will finally be able to kick the habit after receiving my new Bento Bag. It serves every bag purpose and keeps me organized. I highly recommend it.

Amazing bag

I purchased this bag as part of the Indiegogo campaign - received it in November 2018 and I have used it on at least 30 business trips ever since. I've even taken it on my daily commute on days I don't travel out of state for work. The bag has held up really well - it looks exactly as it did when I first purchased it - I am impressed and glad I took a chance on the campaign to purchase this bag

Love this Bag!

It's flexible, holds even more than they advertise, and it's easy to carry. Doesn't quite fit under every airplane seat (I've tried Delta and Jetblue so far), but this was an excellent investment!

Great bag so far

Received my bag a few weeks ago and just took it away on a road trip for this past weekend. I was able to fit two pullovers, lightweight pair of slacks, changes of underwear and a nightgown in as well as my iPad, the small container that came with the bag for my cosmetics and my charger cables. Think I could have fit more in but I can’t carry heavy bags and this bag IS a little heavy for me even empty. I am sure, though, it will be great when I travel by plane and use it with my rolling luggage. I do like it :)

Have not used it yet but do far it looks good

Great back, holds a lot.

Great bag, just a little heavy

I love this bag! It is a bit heavy in my opinion to be used with the shoulder strap or handle. Once it is packed it is too heavy for me to carry on my own. If it is slid on my to luggage it is great, of if I am just carrying it to the car it is fine, but even going through the airport with it was a bit of a struggle. If it had backpack straps that would be amazing.