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Great Bag—one suggestion

I love your bag. My only suggestion would be to make the two “insert bags”—for toiletries and tech cords, larger and the “stuff in” spots for them larger! Otherwise, it’s a great bag!

Hi Mary - thank you for the kind words and suggestions. We have passed this over to our design team to see what could be done. Safe travels ahead! Thanks!
Bento bag

I am not a business person but I thought it is very organized and well made. I gave it 4 stars because it is too heave for me. After I fill it, it will be too heavy for me to handle so I will return it

Hi Doris – thank you for sharing this feedback. Please know this is also why we designed a trolley sleeve on the bag to go over your roller bag in case it is to heavy to hold in your hand or with our included shoulder strap. Thanks!
The last bag you’ll buy

Truly—I am floored by how perfect this bag is. A lot of different companies act like they created the next “big thing,” but these guys really did the due diligence to make an outstanding product. Quality, features, and appearance are 5 stars. Fits PERFECTLY under the seat on all planes I’ve been on. Also such a relief slipping the trolley sleeve over your roller carry on instead of worrying about carrying multiple different things. Can’t recommend this product enough.

Perfect Size

The bag is just the perfect size for 2-3 day trips (if you’re a light packer), but also compact enough to be a daily carry, particularly if you want to combine your gym bag and work/laptop bag. The quality of the material might not be the absolute best on the market (would have wished for waterproof material) but the price is also rather friendly for similar bags. No issues with zipper as many have reported. Overall, a great purchase and a great bag.

Great Gift

Love, Love, this bag. Bought one for myself and now I’m buying one for my husband. We travel to NC and Texas to visit family and this bag is perfect for for those trips.

Skeptic that became a convert

I was skeptical about buying this bag at first, because I thought it was a little pricey and didn't see what all the hype was about. I prefer to use a backpack for a carry on bag. But my wife wanted it, and she travels at least once a month, so I decided to get it for her after she showed me the Indiegogo. I backed it, and was initially surprised that it came at the scheduled time, a rarity based on most of the things that I back on Kickstarter, etc., and the first sign of a well run company. After using it for a few months, she complained about the zipper. So I tried to apply some zipper wax to make the zipper pull smoother, but one zipper was still a bit sticky. So, a few months later, I took another look and realized the zipper had a missing tooth, causing it to get stuck if you opened it too far. I emailed Nomad Lane about the possibility of getting it fixed, and they just sent me an entire new bag.

In the meantime, before the replacement came, we took a family trip, where I ended up carrying the bulk of the luggage. I really came to fall in love with the Bento bag because it really is perfect. The size is great for carryon; it's small enough to fit under seats or easily above your seat, but it stores a ton, more than I expected, and it's well organized and durable. My wife even puts her laptop between the two sides and can access it without getting everything out. I especially loved the way the bag fits over the handle of the rolling suitcase using what Nomad Lane calls the "trolley sleeve." I don't care what you call it, I think it works genius, and is way more secure than I initially thought it would be. I sort of pictured the trolly sleeve would begin to rip or show signs of wear due to the way my wife overstuffed the bag and then the way we drug it through multiple airports, busses, trains, etc., but it still looks brand new.

If I ever start traveling again for work, I'll probably have to pick one up for me too.

I am impressed.

I am impressed. Took my Bento bag on a week long trip to Egypt, Jordon and Germany and it worked out perfectly. It holds a surprisingly large volume within its compact size. Love the bag, it incredibly well designed and made.


Love the Bento Bag

This is the perfect personal item to carry all the leftovers not packed in my regular bag.

Love the organization and open spaces available!!

Just what I needed

Your product is perfect for my travel needs. Your customer service and communication has been fantastic. Thank you for creating your business.

The Bento Bag

SO much easier to access stuff in Bento Bag

Lately I keep running into the same issue: I book an aisle seat and the support bar chops off a third of the space under the seat in front of me. With my previous carry-ons, I would have to stow them overhead and then getting to them was a hassle. The flights I’ve taken since I switched over have been different. I can reach down without looking and lay my hands on the specific object I need by feel. I can turn the bag sideways and still make it work under the shorted space. Much thanks for this solution. The zippers are good, but they are old-school quality, which means they need to work in a bit before they are smooth. Take some time, figure out your layout, then it is as tight as a surgical tray!

Excellent travel bag

Not only is the Bento bag very attractive it is highly functional too! It has loads of different packing options and holds much more than you would think. Love it!

Love all the compartments!

Total satisfaction.

Looks, texture, design, I really love this bag. Sorry do not have any travel plan now. Might force myself to go to a trip so that I can use this. Thanks. Please

Nice design, not as robust as some others

The bento bag has a great design but I’m a little worried about a few potential issues so it’s sitting in my living room waiting for me to make a decision to use it or return it. 1) metal zippers on the outer pockets, but the center clamshell now has a thin plastic zipper. This seems like the one that will have to take the most stress, so I’m not sure if it’s sturdy enough. It’s also different from the early design and what’s shown in all of the reviews. 2) the computer compartment is supposed to fit a 15” notebook. I can get my 15” HP in there, but it’s challenging and involves stretching the vinyl sleeve very tight...hopefully this will stretch before it tears. 3) the materials seem a little more delicate than expected. In fairness, I’ve not used the bag and this could just be my perception. It’s a great looking bag and the design is really clever...I’m just not sure it’s going to hold up to my 10-15 international trips/year

Hi James – thanks for your order and the kind words about the design! Regarding the potential issues you mentioned: The middle zipper is an industrial strength YKK nylon zipper. This is the most ideal zipper because it’s the highest stress point of the bag. Regarding the stitching, materials and durability, we invite you to get a behind the scenes look at our production process and testing. We give you our full confidence that your Bento Bag will last for more than 10-15 international trips/year. Safe travels! Thanks!
Just the best travel bag.

So well organised, with space for a day or two of work away from home—clothes, computer, files. All fit and easy to transport from hotel to office to airport.

Worth the wait!

I just completed my first trip with my long awaited Bento Bag! This bag is perfect and meets all my travel needs while looking sharp. I appreciate that there are pockets and slots and recommended ways to pack your bag, but ultimately you can personalize how you put things. Material is quality and seems likely to endure may trips and years of travel. As a petite woman (5’0) I don’t look or feel overwhelmed by the bag. It’s just right - not too big, not too small...everything I need to carry on board can fit. Thanks, Nomad Lane!

A dream bag, but a couple of tweaks for future iterations...

I was one of the early funders of this bag during its design phase and my husband and I were bth excited about using it as we travel extensively for our jobs, mostly internationally and with long-haul flights for weeks at a time.

The bag has met our needs very well and we are extremely pleased with it. The design is nearly perfect and we both have taken it all over the place, from business meetings to ferries in the Caribbean to many trips to Africa, Asia and Europe.

There are only a couple of things I would improve:

When the bag is relatively full, it’s hard to open the front outside pocket with one hand because the exterior zippers are all quite thick and stiff. There are actually a lot of times I have one hand full and thus end up not being able to use that pocket easily, whether I’m walking around or trying to reach under the seat in front of me on a plane.

Also, the interior nylon at the edge of the laptop pocket has split at the seam, and I think when the bag is quite full, that’s the spot that bears a lot of the pressure, so it might be good to reinforce those seams in the future.

Would love it if you all crowd-source the design for a bento-style folding garment bag too - that’s the only other thing we really need :)

Thank you, Nomad Lane!

the zippers are not well made

The design of the bag is fine but the craftsmanship is quite poor. The zippers buckle and catch. Will be returning mine.

Hi there, We're sorry to hear that. The materials, straps and zippers have undergone significant testing to ensure durability. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our manufacturing process: We've also specifically upgraded all our zippers to premium ones including YKK. If there's a specific issue with your bag, please email us at and we'll be happy to exchange your bag. We also have a 30 day return policy. Happy to help either way!
Perfect bag.

I got my bag through the Kickstarter campaign and I am so glad I did. It is the perfect size for any travel from a weekend to a week long trip. The compartments keep clothes neat and unwrinkled and allow for shoes and other items to be away from clothing. It is a really well designed bag and I recommend it highly for anyone who travels a lot. The materials and zippers have held up very well during the two years I’ve had it and I have used it at least once a month, and at most once a week. You will not be disappointed with this bag.

Bento Bag

Wonderful business and very thoughtful. I had problems with a zipper and they shipped a replacement bag right out. I was so happy because I love this bag.

Definitely the most "Thoughtful" bag!

I've been a road warrior, in search of the perfect "personal item" bag for more than 25 years. The Bento bag addresses all of the items on my "must have" feature list, and most of the items on my "nice to have" feature list. Most importantly, the size is compliant. Secondly the laptop sleeve is well protected with quick access (at airport security) for the laptop, as well as for 3-1-1 liquids. The third key feature is the ride-along sleeve on the back, for securing it to a roll-aboard bag. I appreciate the external USB plug, the back pocket for quickly storing pocket items at TSA security, and the key clip on the front inside pocket. It's almost as though you've allowed me to design this bag. This lightweight bag is of "above average" quality, and I feel that the materials are excellent for a bag that costs less than $200. I also have a slightly larger "personal item" bag, and a smaller "personal item" bag, but the Bento bag will probably be used 80% of the time. The only "improvements" I would make would be to offer the following optional accessories since customers needs vary widely. A slim (4 inch) toiletry (or tech) bag to fit where the shoe bags are intended to go. And 1/4 & 3/4 packing cubes for the obsessively organized folks for use in the clothing area. This was a great purchase for me. Well done!

Love my bag!

Just got my bag a few days ago. Looking forward to using it in a couple of weeks.

I do a lot of travel

I do a lot of travel and have found this bag very useful and well designed. It’s “lie flat” ability for packing is amazing, and it also allows you to access it from the top once mounted on your luggage. It seems very durable and I really like the thoughtfulness that went into the extra pockets and (extra) utility bags that they include! I think my husband wants one now that he’s seen mine!

Absolutely met my very high expectations

I'd seen it on kickstarter and when they sold out, was kicking myself for months for not getting one. To say I've been looking forward to receiving for months is putting it lightly. You'd think there would be no way for this bag to live up to my (very high) hopes, but it DID. Used it this weekend and it was the perfect size (fits a ton but doesn't look ridiculous for a weekend). The toiletry bag that comes with it is smaller than the max TSA approved size but the toiletry compartment of the bag itself CAN hold a larger toiletry bag, so I don't mind.