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The Bento Bag was designed for ‘bleisure’ travelers who are looking for a bag that can take them from airplane mode to work mode. The Bento Bag is lightweight, has organizational pockets, fits under a plane seat and charges your phone.

The Bento Bag launched with much fanfare in 2018, raising more than $1.2M on Indiegogo within a few weeks. It has also been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, The NY Post and Travel + Leisure.

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Bento Bag Key Features


The Nomad Lane Bento Bag makes getting to your gate stress-free. It has dedicated pockets for all your travel essentials, so you have easy access to your toiletries, tech gadgets, passport etc.

Security-Friendly Pockets: Instead of digging through your bag at security, the Bento Bag has specially designed pockets for the things you need to reach quickly. There's a built-in padded laptop pocket at the center of the bag that can quickly be reached via the top access zippers. It also has two top access pockets that can hold your toiletries and tech gear.


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Carry On Sleeve: The Bento Bag has a carry-on sleeve so it slides over your luggage which is extremely convenient for long airport treks.

External Pocket for Travel Essentials: The external front pocket of the Bento Bag allows you to easily reach things you need, like your passport, phone and keys. This pocket includes four stretchy pockets, 1 passport pocket, 3 pen slots, a zippered cash pocket and an attached key leash. Gone are the days of losing your most valuable possessions in the airport shuffle.

A Spot for Receipts & Boarding Passes: The Bento Bag includes a slim back pocket for papers that you need to save such as receipts or old boarding passes.

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The Bento Bag opens right down the middle exactly like a suitcase. This allows you to see everything you've packed (or anything you're missing!)

Travel Bag Charging


A low battery can be extremely disrupting, especially when traveling. That’s why we built an easy access charging port for your devices within the bag.

It's Unbiased: The external port takes any standard USB charging cable so it works well with both iPhone and Android devices.

Use the Battery Pack/Charger You Already Have: The inner wire connects to any standard battery pack. So pop in your favorite portable charger and you are good to go. No need to pay extra for something you probably already have.

FAA Compliant: The FAA allows battery packs in carry-on baggage as long as they are removable from the luggage. Since the battery pack is not built in to the bag, there are no issues flying with the Bento Bag on any airline in any country.

"For us, Nomad Lane is more than a company or a brand. It’s a passion project born out of our deepest desires. "
- Kish & Vanessa


The Bento Bag was created for the way you live and work. It allows you to seamlessly transition from business to leisure and everything in between.

Office Ready: The Bento Bag fits up to a 15" laptop, tablet, notebook, papers, snacks etc. It can also fit a pair of shoes, toiletries and an extra set of clothes for the gym.

High Quality:The Nomad Lane Bento Bag is made with premium materials so you can feel confident heading into that big meeting straight from the airport.

Multiple Ways to Carry: The Bento Bag slides over your carry-on for long airport treks. The bag includes an adjustable padded shoulder strap for convenient carrying and has comfortable microfiber handles so it can be used as a laptop bag for work.

Multiple Ways to Carry


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