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Fit Run During Business Trip

The Best Cities To Fit In A Run On Your Business Trip

Running is an ideal exercise for a business traveler: it’s free, all you need are your shoes, and it’s a great way to sneak in some sightseeing on an over-scheduled trip. Want to log some miles away from home? Here are some of the best cities for running around the world - and which paths to try out first.

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    Meet Sarah Otey, a certified personal trainer and fitness model/influencer that’s taking over your Instagram feed with mesmerizing yoga acrobatics. She’s an instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp, a trendy high-intensity workout that’s bound to get you into shape for the new year! We know that keeping up with your health goals on the road can be tough, so read on to find out how Sarah manages to integrate fitness...

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    Meet Marilyn Hucek, a double threat in the fashion business. She’s a buyer for Ralph Lauren and she runs a fashion and lifestyle blog called The Lunar Phase. She’s been traveling extensively since she was a child, studied abroad in Spain and continues to explore new places frequently. We love following her to witness her...

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    Voyager Series: Joya Dass, TV Anchor, Filmmaker & Founder

    Meet Joya Dass, TV personality, documentary producer and Founder of Lady Drinks, a networking initiative for South Asian executives and entrepreneurs. Ever since she was a kid, Joya has always been curious about her world and enjoys pushing boundaries. She did this through her work, as a business reporter interviewing Fortune 500 CEOs and as a founder herself, and through...

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    Voyager Series: Hitha Palepu, Packing Queen & Author

    Meet Hitha Palepu, packing expert, renowned author, travel blogger and CEO of an early stage life sciences company. Phew, that was a mouthful but she is a lady who manages to do it all. She honed her packing prowess while running business development for a pharmaceutical company. But even before that, she has been traveling her entire life, acquiring her...

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    Voyager Series: Cherry Liu, Global Consultant

    Meet Cherry O’Liu, global consultant and world traveler since she was 4 years old. Cherry graduated from Emory University in 2008 and immediately started her career at Ernst and Young within their Advisory Services. As her career took off, so did the number of miles she was logging. She’s had projects all over the world, including the Czech Republic and the Philippines. Her work and personal travel has been so...

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    Voyager Series: Nick Valencia, CNN Correspondent

    Nick Valencia is a CNN correspondent based out of the network's world headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. We’ve been following Nick’s meteoric rise to success for the last decade and he just keeps getting better. He’s been on the frontline of some of the biggest breaking news stories including the Baltimore riot, Mexico’s drug war, the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election, the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill, and the Arab Spring in 2011....

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